Trevor Noah: 12 Things About The South African Comedian That Hasn’t Crossed Your Mind

Trevor Noah is a popular South African comedian. He is usually referred to as ‘the funny man’. Recently, Trevor Noah joined the list of trending names in international comedy. He is the latest contributor for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, debuting on 4 December, 2014. He is gradually gaining international recognition and fame and I guess you must have heard about him. But, how much do you know about him? There are very many interesting things about him you’ll be surprised you didn’t knew about. Read on…


1. Birth

Trevor Noah was born on 20th February, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently 31 years old.

2. He is of a mixed decent

Trevor Noah was born to a South African (Xhosa) mother and a white European (Swiss) father in the heat of South-African Apartheid. This is usually one of the major sources of fun in his comedy talks. Since mixed marriages were illegal then, it was really a hide and seek marriage as his mother was arrested from time to time for marrying a his father, a white.

3. Growing up

He grew up in Soweto town, and it was never a smooth one as a result of the apartheid. His parents were always separated and he spent some of his childhood with his grandmother. His parents finally separated and his mother remarried. It was not fun for him then but now, he draws so much humour from the whole unpleasant but past events.

4. He speaks not less than six languages

This ability he said was made possible by the people that surrounded him while growing up. His relations from both sides speak differently and in the bid to adapt, he had to learn their languages.

5. He is a highly talented comedian

This is proven by the fact that he does not put down his speeches in writing, not even a sketch of it as some other comedians do. He does everything spontaneously and this makes a lot of difference. He generates humour from whatever he feels is suitable for the situation and audience at that moment.