Is Trevor Noah Married Or Does He Have A Girlfriend? A Timeline Of His Relationships

South African funnyman Trevor Noah is arguably the most successful comedian to sprout out of Africa. For nearly two decades, he has used his platform to speak about political issues in both his home country and abroad; weighing in on matters close to the heart with a touch of humor. He has since joined the exalted list of trending names in international comedy.

But beyond the glare of stage and studio lights, how much do you know about Noah? Especially as regards his love life. While it’s okay to say “that’s his business,” not so many fans share that bias as there has been a scramble to unearth as many details as possible about all the relationships Trevor Noah has been a part of.

Trevor Noah’s Early Relationship History

Any attempt to trace Trevor Noah’s relationships would invariably lead to his love story with Dani Taylor. Though Noah began his career in the early 2000s, he only managed to get into the spotlight about a decade or more later. Within that period, the world knows of only two major relationships he has been involved in.

One is with physiotherapist Dani Gabriel whom he courted before leaving the shores of South Africa. Although their relationship went public in 2014, sources believe that the two had known each other for at least five years.

From early photos of their time together, the lovebirds were having the best time of their lives. They met each other in South Africa, just when Noah’s career was taking shape. Sources believe that Noah and Gabriel were further drawn to each other due to their similar backgrounds. That is, they were both born by from interracial relationships.

An established physiotherapist in her own right, Dani runs a successful private practice based in the luxurious Virgin Active gym in Century City, Capetown, South Africa. She also has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dani fell in love with the martial art in 2011 when she started to train at the famous Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. In June 2013, she clinched two gold medals for no-Gi and Gi in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament at the Mother City Winter Open.

Dani Gabriel considers Renzo Gracie an inspiration as she posted photos of herself and the renowned Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu expert when she visited New York on one of her trips with Noah.

While working very hard to be successful in what she does, Dani has always been supportive of Trevor Noah’s success and even went on international tours with him. At the time, Noah was doing stand-up comedy and was working as a foreign correspondent on The Daily Show.

What Led to His Split From Dani?

With much zest and creativity, Trevor Noah’s performance ultimately won the approval of The Daily Show‘s producers and it wasn’t long before they contacted him to discuss a more permanent role on the show. However, that meant kissing South Africa goodbye and moving to New York permanently.

Dani Gabriel, on the other hand, had built her career in South Africa. For her, the move spelled devastating consequences on her blossoming career and relationship with the funny man. The choice to go or to stay, as sources revealed, became the reason for their eventual split in 2015.

Although they are no longer together, Trevor Noah’s relationship with Dani is still cordial. She continues to show her support to her former lover and remains one of his biggest fans to date.

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Noah’s Love Tango With Jordyn Taylor

Leaving South Africa was a difficult choice, Noah admits, but the opportunities he went on to pursue paid much more than the comfort of staying back home. Shortly after arriving in New York, he found himself getting close to model and singer Jordyn Taylor. There are no specifics about how they met but like most celebrity couples, they likely met in the line of duty or while attending an event hosted by a mutual friend.

At the start of their relationship, fans were quick to point out how soon Noah had slid from Dani to Jordyn in only a matter of months. This raised speculations that the two may have met virtually before ever meeting in person and that perhaps he had no genuine interest in Dani after all.

This gossip was rife when it became news that Trevor Noah never introduced Dani Gabriel to his family back in Johannesburg. However, these are speculations at best. Jordyn, who was 24 at the time, moved to New York to live with Noah in September of 2015.

Another point too obvious to ignore was the uncanny physical resemblance between Dani and Jordyn. Fans were quick to notice their similar shades of brown hair, tan skin, slender build, and brown eyes. It only goes to say that Trevor Noah has a special kind of women he dates. Talk about taste!

Noah also flew her to South Africa to go visit his family. This gesture raised so many hopes. For his fans, the couple’s return from South Africa would mark the beginning of wedding preparations. But that didn’t quite play out as anticipated.

Their relationship lasted for only three years, ending in 2018. Although countless speculations keep flying around their split, neither of them have bared it all on why the relationship ended. Asides alerting her Instagram followers about the breakup, Jordyn also made it clear that she still loves Noah. This came in response to a question from one of her fans about her love for Noah; to which she answered that of course, she loves him so much. How could she not love him?

Is Trevor Noah Seeing Anyone Yet?

Per his Instagram post on Valentine’s day of 2019, Trevor Noah’s relationship status reads “single”. He later confirmed this in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres where he admitted his single status. He also confessed about nursing the idea of dating a Kardashian for just a week.

This should not come as a surprise at all as a careful look at the Kardashians and his past girlfriends would reveal a striking resemblance.

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