Tricia Davis & Macklemore’s Long Relationship, Marriage and The Success Of Her Tour Management Career

Macklemore is one of the most successful hip-hop artists of his generation. The rapper has several chart-topping singles and albums to his name. He has also won many awards including four Grammys. Before the fame and wealth, Macklemore was just an upcoming artist struggling with substance abuse. One person who stood by his side through these trying times was his wife Tricia Davis.

The Tricia-Macklemore love story is inspiring in many ways. Apart from helping the rapper overcome his demons, the woman has helped to push her husband’s career forward. She stuck by him to the dismay of her family but time has shown it was all worth it.

Tricia Davis and Macklemore Met on Myspace In 2006 

Tricia Davis met her husband in 2006. As the story goes, they met through the social networking site, Myspace. At that time, she was working as a nurse while Macklemore was still a struggling artist.

He was also dealing with drug addiction and was in rehab for oxytocin abuse. As a result of the unsavory circumstances, her family was against the relationship. Davis, however, shrugged off the criticism and stuck by her man because she saw his potentials. The rapper repaid her show of faith by cleaning himself up and focusing on his music.

It has however not been all smooth sailing for the couple. Macklemore has relapsed on a few occasions (2008, 2011, and 2014) but Davis has helped him get back on his feet. The rapper has now become an advocate against drug abuse and has spoken out about it in some of his songs.

The Couple Walked Down The Aisle In June 2015

Tricia Davis and her husband have two kids together. They welcomed their first, a daughter named Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty in May 2015. Their second daughter, Colette Koala Haggerty was born three years later in March 2018.

Davis and her husband are an unconventional couple; they got engaged in 2013 but did not rush to tie the knot. They rather lived together for a while before formalizing their union on the 27th of June 2015.

Their decision to get married was spurred by the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage throughout America. The two are big-time supporters of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.

Tricia lives for her husband and the kids they’ve had as much as the rapper’s life revolves around her and their daughters. In his 2015 single titled Growing Up, he asserted that Tricia is a tough and loving wife, adding that he would strive to raise their kids to be like her.

Macklemore’s Wife Was a Nurse Before She Became a Tour Manager

Born on the 29th of January 1984, Tricia is a native of Seattle, Washington. There are not many details about Davis’ early life or family background. There is also a paucity of information about her educational background.

She has however disclosed that she studied nursing at Seattle Pacific University, a private liberal arts university located in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from college, she practiced her profession for some time before meeting Macklemore which ultimately redirected her career towards the entertainment industry.

Even though Davis no longer works as a nurse, she has not forgotten her medical background. She often provides first aid when her husband is on tour.

Davis now serves as an artist manager for her husband. She is a member of his management team and handles his public relations, branding, marketing, and merchandising. She has also managed at least three of his tours; taking charge of matters such as financial records, travel booking, concert locations, and logistics. As a tour, merchandise, and artist manager at Macklemore LLC, Davis makes executive decisions.

She Has Produced Some of Her Husband’s Music Videos and One Was Nominated for Grammy

More than being Macklemore’s wife and his tour manager, Tricia Davis has produced a few of her husband’s music videos. To the best of our knowledge, the first on the list was 2011’s official music video for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ WingsAnd We Danced followed that same year and Tricia is credited as the sole producer of the video directed by Griff Johnston, Ryan Lewis, and Johnny Valencia.

The following year, she co-produced Thrift Shop with Zach Quillin and Hollis Wong-Wear. In 2013, Tricia Davis worked with Honna Kimmerer and Jenny Koenig to produce the Grammy-nominated music video for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Can’t Hold Us which featured Ray Dalton.

Tricia Davis
Macklemore and Tricia Davis: Image Source

According to Tricia, she worked with directors to develop the storylines of the music videos she has produced for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. In addition to interpreting ideas to scripts, she handled the administrative and financial aspects of the projects. This saw her make locations arrangements as well as overseeing the management of costuming, casting, props, and what have you.

Based on the foregoing, it is pretty obvious that Davis has been very instrumental to the successes of her husband’s career. Macklemore fell in love with hip-hop when he was six and by the age of 15, he was already penning his lyrics. He subsequently formed a hip-hop group known as Elevated Elements while in high school. The rapper commenced his career in 2000 but broke into mainstream attention in 2009; thanks to his highly fruitful collaboration with Ryan Lewis. The duo’s first album, The Heist, reached number two on the Billboard 200 charts. Two singles from the album, Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop also topped the Billboard hot 100 charts.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won four awards at the 2014 Grammys. They include the awards for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album, and Best New Artist. Tricia Davis is undoubtedly a huge part of the success story. First, she helped the rapper deal with his drug addiction which had been hindering him from pursuing his career to the best of his ability. As though that was not enough, she redirected her career to the entertainment industry, providing the rapper all the support he needs while managing his tours and producing the videos for some of his popular songs.

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