Trinidad Cardona
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Trinidad Cardona sounds like a prime hotel destination or resort located in the idyllic country of Trinidad and Tobago, but it is actually the name of a Phoenix teenager who became popular after a video of him singing in a bathroom went viral overnight and amassed 7 million views. Despite being unknown at the time, as well as the recording being for fun, the New York-based artist gained a lot of admirers, most of who were from Brazil. Read on to find out more about the young artist, as well as why there is some confusion in regards to his origins.

Is Trinidad Cardona From Trinidad? How Old Is He?

Trinidad Cardona was born in Phoenix, Arizona on the 23rd of May 1999. Despite the inclusion of the name of the Caribbean nation in his name, the teenage singer is not from Trinidad. He is an American of mixed African-American and Mexican heritage

Trinidad was raised by two lesbian mothers. Not much is known about his biological father except that he was in prison for most of his childhood. As of writing, there is no data to suggest that he has even been released. His mother went on to marry another woman who is of Puerto Rican descent.

Growing up with 2 female parents meant Trinidad was raised around women. That makes it no surprise his first hit was titled, Jennifer. As a kid, there were many times when the young boy would go to his Mexican friends’ house and would be asked to leave due to his afro hairstyle and ethnicity. Exposure to this kind of ignorance and adversity ensured that Trinidad would end up promoting love, acceptance, and tolerance as his ideals.

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Right now, he has a team of close friends around him and they all get along. it was one of his friends that actually started his journey into stardom. Out of boredom, Trinidad Cardona started doing music and ended up falling in love with it. He also realized his records weren’t bad and people were listening. None of the music he produced was, however, able to get any steam until a video showing Trinidad freestyling to the lyrics of Jennifer while snapping his fingers and pounding a wall in the bathroom for a beat surfaced.

While a viral moment brought him to the limelight, with almost 7 million views in 24 hours, it was easy to recognize his talent, character, and charisma. Fans kept pushing the video on Facebook, even though Trinidad Cardona didn’t have anything planned for the song at the time. It was just a catchy little hook for the sake of internet fame but he realized that he needed to make the song completely in a studio.

Because his leap to fame came from a bathroom recording, he was a little bit nervous that the one he would produce in a studio would not resonate with fans. At the time he didn’t have enough money to record, and with his savings of $30, he got some studio time. This was not enough, but the studio producers allowed the promising young talent an extra hour to get the job done. However, because Trinidad Cardona was broke, he couldn’t even afford to get it mixed and mastered.

Before the single was about to be officially released, the song was leaked by an unknown person. Despite this, he was still able to release the song successfully. Many celebrity musicians, such as Gucci Mane, Ludacris, and Kelly Rowland, shared the track on their Facebook pages, and he has even gotten a call from Trinidad James.

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Trinidad Cardona
Trinidad Cardona performing on stage in 2018

In 2017, Trinidad Cardona released Jennifer. It was also the same year he graduated from high school. The teen was shocked when his music was compared to 1990s’ R&B as he wasn’t familiar with it. He grew up to modern R&B and also dancehall music, jamming to the likes of Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee, and Popcaan. He then moved on to Michael Jackson and even admits to having a Drake phase. Currently, he is more interested in listening to the likes of Grover Washington, Jr. and Jerry Bergonzi.

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How Much is He Worth?

Online estimates of Trinidad Cardona’s net worth are not reliable and it would not be accurate of us to just predict his income. It’s hard to know how much Trinidad has made because he keeps a low profile. However, he signed a lucrative contract with Island Records, the label that launched the careers of Bob Marley, U2 and the Killers, to name a few. Thanks to his recent success, he has been able to relocate to New York City where he hopes to have a fulfilling music career.

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