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There are celebrities who have come and gone but their legacies still live among us, such is the tale of Troy Gentry, a musician of American origin who made up the other half of the famous country duo Montgomery Gentry with his partner Eddie Montgomery. The duo started earlier in the 1990s, playing a number of bands alongside Eddie’s brother John Michael Montgomery. When Troy failed after his attempt to get a solo deal, he decided to settle with Montgomery Gentry in 1999 after he bagged a talent contest in 1994. Together, the two friends released a good number of hit country music which includes the likes of Hell Yeah as well as My Town. Continue reading to get the inside story on the deceased musical legend.

Troy Gentry’s Bio (Age)

He was the son of Lloyd Gentry and Patricia Gentry, born in Lexington, Kentucky on the 5th of April 1967, the famed singer was named Troy Lee Gentry at birth. He spent his formative years in the place of his birth alongside two siblings, a sister named Jana Gentry Eckhardt and a brother called Keith Gentry. Troy Gentry was educated at Lexington Community College and later proceeded to the University of Kentucky for higher qualifications, graduating with a degree in marketing and business management.

Troy just turned 13 when he became part of the band formerly Early Tymz alongside his buddies Eddie and John Michael Montgomery. However, the group was later disbanded but had a brief performance as Young Country. After an unsuccessful attempt to pursue a solo career, Troy Gentry emerged as the winner of Jim Beam National Contest which made way for his performance as an opening act for Patty Loveless and Tracy Byrd.

After he failed to land a solo deal, he went for a reunion with his Montgomery friend and together they formed the duo known as Deuce which majorly played at night clubs. They later landed a deal with Columbia Records’ Nashville division in 1999 after they changed their name to Montgomery Gentry.

Family – Wife, Daughter

Troy Gentry
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Troy Gentry was formerly the husband of Kia Bradley Gentry, though the date of their nuptials is not known. Before their divorce, they had a daughter named Taylor Gentry but the details of their separation and ultimate divorce is not public knowledge. His second marriage was to Angie Kay McClure on the 14th of December 1999, and their marriage endured until his death but they already had a daughter named Kaylee Gentry. The girl’s name was formed from the combo of both her parents’ middle names – Kay from Angie and Lee from Troy. Troy’s death was quite unfortunate as it was beginning to look like their marriage was toeing the line of the happily-ever-after.

Net Worth

During the heyday of his music career, Troy Gentry recorded a lot of success which was reflected in his finances. Even though he has passed on, his net worth was estimated at $8 million earlier in 2019 and it came majorly from the numerous projects and albums he released with his band partner. He drove a black 2002 Chevrolet Corvette but information regarding his landed properties is not available.

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Death of The Singer – Troy Gentry

Troy Gentry was at the prime of his life when he died at the age of 50. His death occurred at exactly 1 pm local time on the 8th of September 2017, in a helicopter crash accident which also claimed the life of the pilot in Medford, New Jersey. The deceased musician embarked on a helicopter tour of Medford in New Jersey where he was to perform with his partner Eddie at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford later in the day, just before the unfortunate incident happened.

It was a gory sight, the pilot gave up immediately after the crash, though Troy held on for a few minutes, he later died on his way to the hospital. His band members took to their official Twitter handle to announce his death, following which a well attended public memorial ceremony was held in his honor at Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The music legend was not buried, his remains was cremated and his ashes are in the custody of his wife. Troy Gentry has long joined the great beyond but his heritage and music still lives in the hearts of his fans and loved ones.

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