Trump May Have Softened On Gay Marriage But Not On Deporting 3 Million Immigrants

In his first interview as the President-Elect of the United States, Trump has revealed plans to deport about 3 million immigrants who have criminal or undocumented records in America.

Call it an act of keeping to his promise to be a “President for all Americans”, but Donald Trump seems to have mellowed down in his approach to key policies that won him the largest American votes a week ago.

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Nonetheless, he is not soft pedaling on the issue of immigration. It is as much a sensitive issue for both Republicans and Democrats alike.

“We are getting them [immigrants with criminal records] out of our country,” 

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers … probably two million of them, it could be even three … out of our country, or we are going to incarcerate them.”

Placed side by side to Speaker Paul Ryan, who assured the people that the focus under a Trump administration would be on securing the border, not rounding up immigrants, Trump may just be out for both.

Aside the soon to be enforced deportation of about 3 million immigrants from America, Donald Trump still has his long wall vision in tact.

Left to him it would be an all round wall border, but the congress has suggested that part of it could be a fence.

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Many are yet to be convinced that securing America’s border with the wall is not an act of bigotry.

Trump has been accused of making derogatory comments about race, religion, gender and disability. On that note, coupled with the 7-day long protests in America, Trump has been called to publicly denounce any form of hate and bigotry.

About  50,000 people in the United States have signed a petition urging him to openly do so.