Truth About What Happened to Zodwa Wabantu’s House and How She Paid for Her Exotic Cars

Zodwa Wabantu’s home in Malvern, Durban, was robbed in April 2020 when she travelled to Johannesburg to work without leaving anyone in the house. A lover of exotic cars, the dancer once revealed that she pays for her automobile with her legs, brain, and also the overwhelming respect she has in the industry.

South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu might have grown up in poverty, but she has worked really hard through the years, sometimes in the not so conventional way, to get a good life for herself and her son. As a result of this, she was left with a broken heart when she got the news that her house was burgled by thieves who also carted away with items valued at over R100,000.

A proud house owner, she has since made a bounce back from the toll the incident took on her. In addition, she has been blessed with various luxurious cars which she is able to acquire thanks to the many jobs that she is now doing. In the past, she has spoiled herself with a number of cars, all as part of the blessings that come with fruits from her jobs.

Zodwa Wabantu’s House Was Robbed After She Travelled

Back in April 2020, Zodwa made the news headline for sharing video and images of a robbery incident that took place in her home in Malvern, Durban. According to the dancer, she travelled to Johannesburg to work and left no one in the house when the unfortunate event took place.

She pointed out that whenever work was taking her anywhere, she had made the habit of always leaving her boyfriend in the house to take care of the place but this time around, because of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the said boyfriend had gone to spend time at his place.

Zodwa recorded a huge loss from the robbery, estimating it all at probably over R100,000. Everything from her clothes to her laptop and lawnmower, as well as perfume bottles, were all carted away by the robbers. She noted that they made an attempt to take away her bakkie but because they couldn’t drive it, they abandoned it somewhere in the yard. According to her, the grass-cutting machines she lost valued up to R5,000 altogether while her six perfume boxes were worth more than R10,000 each.

In spite of the losses she recorded, the entertainer did not hide her gratitude that everything happened when she was not at home and her son was with his grandmother. She only imagined that she might have been raped or even killed in the process, making her appreciative of the fact that no one was in the house.

Nonetheless, Zodwa Wabantu still asked for assistance from neighbors and those around who had any information that could lead to the nabbing of the criminals that perpetuated the crime to come forward and assist. She shed a few tears while making the revelation on a social media video, but assured fans that she was going to be fine. She would later accuse her ex-Ben 10 boyfriend, Vusi Buthelezi of arranging the robbery.

The Dancer Has Since Built Her Own House

It’s no news that the dancer has already started making plans for her death when she bought a casket for herself. But even before then, she had already started making plans for her retirement from the entertainment industry. This was the reason why she built a house for herself in 2018.

According to the entertainer, she was going to return to Nelspruit in the Mpumalanga province where she hopes she would finally rest when her career ends. She built her three-bedroom flat in the city. The medium size property has two garages, a living room, two bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, and a dining room. For her, the size of the house or the cost did not matter as she did it all on her own, and not in installments.

Zodwa Wabantu did not hide her joy and pride when she was sharing the news about her achievement on social media. She revealed that the project was something she carried out all on her own without the help of anyone or bank. Another source of pride for her was that for someone who grew up without having a home, she now had somewhere to live even when she was no longer the Zodwa she is today.

She will continue with her career in Durban and only go to Nelspruit to rest from time to time. Any time she was away, her aunty whom she loves very much would be there to take care of the property for her. This is not the only property the often controversial dancer has to her name. She is said to have a couple of other properties in Durban including the house where she was robbed.

She Sold One of Her Apartments Due To COVID-19

Zodwa was forced in 2020, to sell off one of her flats as a result of the financial toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on her. She sold the property in Durban as cash stopped coming in for her since all gigs were banned during the lockdown that was caused by the pandemic.

She has not revealed how much she bought the property or even how much it went for. The exotic dancer and reality show star revealed that she had to let go of the flat in a post; “When sh*t hits your pocket you let one of your business go closed.”

Zodwa Wabantu
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The dancer was not the only one to complain about the difficult times; South African rapper Cassper Nyovest also said he was finding it hard maintaining his cars while DJ Zinhle also revealed about her financial woes.

Zodwa Wabantu Uses Her Legs And Brains To Pay For Her Exotic Car

Zodwa Wabantu has never minced words when she talks. Recently, she revealed on her Instagram while sharing a racy picture of herself, that whenever you go for a meeting and people don’t seem to respect your brain, simply take off your clothes and have the meeting.

In 2019, the dancer acquired for herself a Volkswagen automobile and when sharing the news with her followers on social media, she claimed that the car was a product of her legs, brain, and also the overwhelming respect she has in the industry. The entertainer who danced atop the car did not reveal how much she spent for the ride, but still celebrated outside the car dealership while people cheered her on.

In 2017, she shared a picture of a new car with the inscription “Thank You DJ Tira Bearings Afrotainment” written on it. The cost of the luxurious Audi car was not made known, but it is believed that the car was gifted to her by DJ Tira, even though some still speculated it was just another ride the dancer has gifted herself thanks to her career that pays her between R30,000 to R40,000 per gig.

Probably South Africa’s most polarizing celebrity, she has previously acquired for herself some other exotic cars which have not been made known publicly.

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