Truth Behind Chika Ike’s Marriage to Ex-husband Tony Eberiri and The Rumors About Ned Nwoko

Chika Ike’s marriage to Tony Eberiri was for a while a big topic of discussion in the Nigerian entertainment scene. From what seemed like a beautiful union to a happy home, and then the end of the matrimony in 2013 after seven years of marriage, the union had always given followers something to talk about.

Even after the union ended, the pair did not immediately disappear from the scene as they continued to attack each other with accusations and counter-accusations. Of late, the talented Nollywood actress found herself drawn into another relationship drama when she was accused of having an affair with the Nigerian billionaire and polygamist, Ned Nwoko. This brought fresh memories about her marriage and speculations on whether or not she is really having an affair with the politician.

How Chika Ike Met Tony Eberiri Remains A Mystery

Chika Ike's marriage

The love story between Chika Ike and Tony Eberiri is one that was mostly shrouded in mystery as the couple did not reveal how and when they met or the circumstances behind their love story.

What is known, however, is that she met and married Tony in her early twenties. According to her, she got married when she was naive and without understanding many things. She was still a young actress trying to make a name for herself in the industry.

Although there were many accusations that she was married to her former husband for the money, the actress insisted he was not rich when she agreed to marry him and she was also in it for always. As such, she agreed to have a traditional wedding, church, as well as court wedding.

Chika Ike’s Marriage Was Marred By Controversies of Domestic Abuse

According to Chika, she suffered domestic violence at the hands of her husband. She revealed that it all started not too long after they tied the knot and for five years, she continued to endure the ordeal, hoping and praying that her then-husband was going to stop.

Being a young woman in her marriage, she claimed that the first time her husband beat her, she didn’t know what to believe, whether it was his love for her, or it was only a means of expressing his emotions. However, the beatings did not stop and each time, he would allegedly cry and plead with her after beating her up. She continued to forgive and give him another chance, believing it was love.

The actress revealed that as the beating continued, it made her lose concentration in a lot of things, including her sense of pride and self-esteem. It was until she lost her pregnancy and almost lost her life that she realized she was in a serious mess. What made her decide to quit the marriage was when, during a heated argument, Tony allegedly flung a glass jar at her. She saw death flash before her eyes.

On his own part, Tony Eberiri insisted that all his ex-wife was claiming was a figment of her imagination. He claimed that she was also an architect of what went wrong in their marriage, accusing her of being one of the causes of the divorce. He claimed to have issued a warning to her against dragging his name to the mud and that she must desist from issuing interviews and posting what he described as rubbish against him on social media.

The Union Came To An End In 2013

Seven years into their union, Chika Ike and Tony Eberiri decided to call it quits following the accusations and counter-accusations that continued to be thrown between them. The actress was said to have left their matrimonial home for a while before she filed for a divorce which was granted by an Abuja high court in July 2013. She did not make it a secret by announcing that she was going through a divorce and revealed it was emotional for her. She took to her Facebook account to celebrate the end of her marriage and announce that she was now a single woman.

After the union came to an end, the former lovers continued in their way of attacking each other on social media. By the time Chika Ike’s marriage had ended, she was not blessed with any child. Although fans continued asking what could be the reason behind her not having any kids, she revealed that she was still young and had no further explanation to anyone since it was her choice not to.

A Closer Look At Tony Eberiri

Being the less famous of the two, Tony Eberiri only got to share in the fame of his ex-wife who gained fame from her status as an actress. Because of this, his personal information, including date and place of birth, as well as childhood and education are all not available in the public domain.

However, in response to claims that she got married to her former husband for his money, she made it clear that he previously had a career in the corporate world as a banker. He had a 6 to 5 pm job. In addition to that, he lived in a rented 2-bedroom apartment at Egbeda.

Shortly after the marriage ended, he was seen in public while the drama lasted, but as soon as the reports died down, he maintained his life away from the spotlight, so much that nothing is now known about him now.

Who Is Chika Ike Dating Now?

Since Chika Ike’s marriage to the banker ended, she has ensured that her personal life is always kept hidden. There have been rumors that she got into another relationship with a mystery man, but there was never a confirmation of this.

Interestingly, she was said to have come very close to walking down the aisle a second time when news came that she had not only met someone, but the two were finally engaged. No details were provided as regards the man who engaged her, neither was there a name. The only thing we know was that he’s based in the UK and they started dating shortly after her divorce.

Many years later, she is yet to get married ad there seems to be no more talk about her love life, except for the rumors that she is dating Regina Daniel’s husband, Ned Nwoko.

Is Chika Ike Really Dating Ned Nwoko?

In 2020, social media went agog with rumors that Chika Ike was dating politician cum billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko who is the husband of a fellow actress. The rumor claimed that he had started dating the actress even before he met Regina, but it was only because Chika was not interested in marrying him that he decided to marry Regina Daniels.

More credence was given to the claims when a video began going round in which the mother of Regina Daniels was allegedly threatening to deal with Chika Ike spiritually if she did not leave her daughter’s husband alone. However, it was later realized that the video was fake.

The rumors continued spreading to the point that the actress decided to speak about it and end the scandal when a follower on Instagram asked her if it was true that she was having an affair with the billionaire and if she was about to become his 7th wife. She made it clear that she was not dating him and she was never going to be anyone’s seventh wife.

Ned decided to also speak up on the matter after allegations were made that the two were engaged. He made it clear that for two years prior to that point, he had not spoken to Chika Ike. The politician termed the allegations as wicked, imploring people to leave him and his family alone.


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