Truths About Riky Rick’s Marriage to Wife Bianca Naidoo and all About Their Kids

Anyone that keeps up with the South African music scene should know a thing or two about Rikhado Makhado. Professionally known as Riky Rick, the rapper is the owner of Cotton Club Records. While many would easily identify him as a rapper, Rick is also a composer, singer, songwriter, actor, and fashion designer. Given the career path he settled for, and the fact that he has built quite a name thereof, it is only natural that things about his personal life have become newsworthy; this extends to his wife Bianca Naidoo.

Unlike Riky, much is not known about the woman he is married to. As one would expect, this has raised a lot of questions amongst fans of the rapper. As much as they wonder how the Riky and Naidoo relationship started and how their union has been coping with the challenges that come with being a celebrity couple, what Naidoo does for a living and her background has continued to pique the interest of many. In all of these, the only thing that matters is that the rapper has built a fine home with Bianca.

Riky Rick Met Bianca Naidoo at a Restaurant in Sandton

Over the years, Riky has seized every chance he gets to eulogize his wife. This has made people curious about how their love story started. For a while, it remained a secret but the couple later shared that the first time they set eyes on each other was at a restaurant in Sandton.

Based on what his wife shared, it was love at first sight for the couple. They liked each other immediately and decided to go on a date. Thereafter, they bonded and became friends; the friendship quickly transformed into a romantic relationship as they became lovers shortly after.

Sharing his version of the story, Riky Rick related that meeting Bianca and her child from a previous relationship changed how he viewed life. According to him, he became more serious and purposeful in the way he does things and this has been the way he lives his life since then.

The Couple Exchanged Wedding Vows in 2013

While it is no secret that Riky Rick and Bianca Naidoo have been life partners for a while, it is hard to tell exactly when they got married. Nonetheless, we can confirm that they have been married for more than seven years, and there are reasons to believe that they got married on the 26th of May 2013.

On the 26th of May 2020, the rapper took to Instagram to celebrate their marriage anniversary. In the post, he disclosed that the seven years he had spent in marriage with Bianca Naidoo has taught him so much about life and love. He thanked Naidoo for being the woman of his dreams and called for people to settle for life partners who’d not only accept them the way they are but also facilitate their growth into a better version of who they are.

While it is clear that the couple has come a long way and are devoted to the notion of spending the rest of their lives together, their union has faced a few challenges that mostly stem from Riky’s popularity.

Riky Has Been Dragged Online Several Times for Praising His Wife

An instance was when the rapper shared a picture of him and his wife on Twitter, advising his followers to find a strong partner who would love them despite their faults. While some people praised him for being committed to his wife, others concluded there was more to what he said; suggesting that he cheated on Bianca and had a baby with her just to trap her into marriage.

Another instance was in July 2019 when he made a post about Bianca Naidoo being his rock, anchor, and direction. In the Instagram post, Rick related that his wife keeps him away from unnecessary spending and partying. Thereafter, he asserted that loving Bianca is easy for him because she understands him and his goals, making it easier for him to stay on the right path.

It was a beautiful tribute that any husband could give to his wife but was yet another reason for people to drag the rapper. People made fun of him for being dependant on Bianca to make simple responsible decisions.

In addition to the foregoing, Riky Rick’s wife has admitted that it has been quite difficult to fit into the professional life of the rapper. Even though she has accompanied him to certain events, she prefers staying at home with the kids.

Riky Rick and Bianca Naidoo Have Two Kids

Anyone who cares to know would easily find that the couple have two children; a son and a daughter. Riky is not the biological father of the latter as she came from a relationship Bianca had before she met the rapper. Nonetheless, he has been a good father, in every sense of the word, to the little girl named Jordan.

Owing to the fact that Riky and Bianca are super protective of their kids, it is pretty difficult to tell anything about them. In a 2019 interview, the Cotton Club Records boss related that his daughter was ten years old whereas his son, Maik Daniel Makhado, was five. Maik was born on the 19th of March 2014.

Rick and his wife are raising their kids to value handwork. Also, the rapper is committed to giving them a stable home as he came from a broken home. Theirs is a happy family that creates the time to spend quality time together. In January 2020, they traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a vacation.

What Bianca Naidoo Does for a Living

Unlike her husband known to be involved in various capacities in showbiz, much is not known about what Bianca Naidoo does for a living. This is hardly a surprise as she only became popular as a result of her marriage to Rick.

In addition to that, Naidoo prefers a quiet life and has evaded the limelight whenever she can. This has made it hard to keep up with her and her professional life. Nonetheless, it is believed in some quarters that she worked with Fox International as a Traffic and On-Air Production Co-ordinator.

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