Life and Crimes of Tsutomu Miyazaki (The Japanese Little Girl Killer)

Tsutomu Miyazaki was a notoriously sadistic Japanese serial murderer. Nicknamed “the Otaku murderer” due to his nerdy behavior, Miyazaki appeared harmless, making his preys the least suspicious of his homicidal tendencies. He also usually kept to himself due to his physical deformities which caused him to have a high level of inferiority complex. His solitude continued to worsen until it grew into the grisly crimes of sadism, homicide, and cannibalism. Most prominent among Tsutomu’s crimes is his gruesome murder of four little girls within a period of ten months.

The Life and Crimes of Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki was born prematurely on 21st August 1962, in Itsukachi, Tokyo, Japan. He was born with a physical deformity that left him incapable of bending his wrists. He is the first of the three children his parents had. His father Katsumi Miyazaki owned a newspaper company while his mum Rieko Miyazaki was a homemaker.

Throughout his childhood, Tsutomu was a constant victim of bullying owing to his physical deformity, consequently developing an inferiority complex. Although he lived with his parents and sisters, he usually spent more time with his grandfather while growing up. This, according to him, was because it was his grandfather alone who cared about his happiness. His parents he said, never give him attention whenever he tried to discuss his problems with them. He also complained that his younger sister despised him. He as well blamed “Rat Man” for his barbaric actions.

All these notwithstanding, Miyazaki remained a star student through elementary and high school in Nakano, Tokyo, with an expectation of becoming a teacher. His grades however, suddenly began to reduce towards his graduation from high school, such that he ranked 40th in a class of 56. As a result of this, Tsutomu’s choice of institution, the Meiji University never granted him admission. He subsequently gained admission into the Tokyo Polytechnic University, Junior College Department to study Photo Technics.

At Tokyo Polytechnic, Miyazaki continued to live a solitary life, rarely participating in social activities. He, however, enjoyed drawing and comics, especially when alone. Miyazaki sometimes considered suicide but the presence of his grandfather melted his efforts. Unfortunately, in the year 1988, he lost his grandfather. His affinity to his grandfather caused him to eat some ashes from his cremation just to feel his presence while staying away from his family.

This event became Miyazaki’s tipping point as his conduct and attitude dramatically changed. He began to spy on his parents and siblings while they showered, alongside several other strange behaviors. His solitude also continued to worsen until it metamorphosed into sadism, homicide, and cannibalism. Miyazaki then began the practice of driving around town in search of prey after which he takes the victim to a secluded location where he kills them through strangulation. His targets were usually girls aged between four and seven.

Crimes of Tsutomu Miyazaki

Between August 1988 and June 1989, Tsutomu murdered four girls. He committed the first murder the day following his 26th birthday. That was on August 22, 1988, when he kidnapped Mari Komo, aged four as she was playing at a friend’s house. He took Mari to his car and drove her to a woodland where he strangled her and slept with her corpse before making away with her clothes. Cannibalistic Tsutomu then left the little girl’s corpse to rot before returning to detach the hands and feet which he kept tucked away in his closet.

On October 3, 1988, during his usual practice of driving along the road, Tsutomu Miyazaki sighted another little girl whom he offered a ride. The girl, Masami Yoshizawa, who was aged seven agreed and he took her to the same spot where he killed his first victim. There, he murdered Masami, after which he had sexual intercourse with her remains.

Miyazaki committed his third murder on December 12, 1988. He abducted four-year-old Erika Namba while she was returning home from a friend’s house. Tsutomu forced her to remove her clothes in the back seat and took snapshots of her. After taking the pictures, he strangled her, tied her limbs, and covered her with a sheet.

Tsutomu Miyazaki’s fourth and last murder took place on June 6, 1989. He convinced little Ayako Nomoto to take pictures of her. He then led her into his car where he murdered her and covered her up with a sheet. Tsutomu finally took Ayako’s dead body to his apartment where he sexually molested it. He also allowed the body to decompose after which he pulled out the hands and drank her blood.

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Death by Hanging

Tsutomu Miyazaki
Tsutomu before his execution image source

Miyazaki eventually met his waterloo on the 23rd of July, 1989. On the said date, he successfully separated two sisters who were playing in a park. The older sister, however, quickly ran home and informed their dad. By the time the man came, his daughter was already under the serial killer’s detention. The apprehensive daddy contacted the police who intervened quickly and arrested Miyazaki in his lair.

On April 14th, 1997, the court sentenced Tsutomu Miyazaki to death by hanging for several crimes including rape, murder, cannibalism, vampirism, necrophilia, and strangulation. He was finally executed at a prison in Tokyo Japan on June 17th, 2008. Surprisingly Miyazaki never regretted his actions or apologized to the affected families.


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