Tuface Idibia’s Protest: Re-awakening The Leadership Roles Of Nigerian Entertainers

Tuface Idibia’s Nationwide Protest – On Wednesday, Nigerian singer and now activist called on Nigerians to rise up and make their voices heard by participating in his first nationwide protest against the Federal government.

The internationally acclaimed artist made the call on all of his social media accounts. With the caption, “FIRST MASSIVE NATIONWIDE PROTESTS ON THE 5TH OF FEBRUARY, 2017″ Tuface Idibia demanded that the government give the people explanations on the pathetic state of the country.

“A call for good governance.
 A call for urgent explanation into the reckless economic downturn nationwide. 
A call for nationwide protests as we say No to the Executive, No to legislatures, No to judiciary… You have all failed us.
We the people are tired. We can no longer continue with all of you. All your excuses and mistakes are not funny. We do not wish to continue with a system and government that is not working but afflicting the people.”

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Asking many rhetorical questions, the singer showed that he was not just a concerned Nigerian but a social observer who has been following the downward trend in Nigeria’s economy and controversial governance.

“Why do we still have the executive arms and legislatures still enjoying their salaries and allowances while we hear there’s no money to pay workers?

“Why do we still see ceaseless power failures with no explanation and hope of getting out of it unlike before?

“Why do we keep seeing peace talks in Niger Delta, Fulani herdsmen, and ipob without any solutions being reached, while the strategies keep aggravating the people involved as political leaders stage forums to extort funds in the name of addressing their subjects?

”Why did we have petrol price rise to 145 for the sake of global oil price crash and removal of subsidy but such price is still being maintained despite significant reawakening of the oil price from $30/barrel to $56/barrel?”

The way a nation goes is decisive upon its arts. The Nigerian media over time has grown to become a very strong agent of change.

Before now the singer has produced tracks that question Nigeria’s governance and the way forward.

Aside from being commercial ambassadors, a good number of Nigerian celebrities have occasionally drifted into socio-political matters. Their various art forms are not only focused on representing life situations and experiences in a fun way but also speaking out for the people.

As at now, such move like Tuface Idibia’s nationwide protest is an unignorable political statement which reveals the power the entertainer wields in influencing the course of leadership in the society.

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Taking up that responsibility, Tuface has “taken the bull by the horn” to represent the voiceless masses, while registering his reservations for the questionable ruling power.

Millions of Nigerians have pledged their support for the nationwide protest. Colleagues in the industry such as Burna Boy, Davido, Yemi Alade, Charles Novia amongst others have commended him and pledged their solidarity for the march.

Nigeria was officially announced to be in recession in 2016. The Presidency had assured the people that steps were being taken to remedy the situation. Following that, the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun re-assured the people of better days to come as it was anticipated that Nigeria will be out of recession by 2017.

As pointed out by Tuface, “Nigeria is suddenly selling kerosene at 400 naira per litre as against 50 naira per litre, diesel at 300 naira per litre as against 100 naira per litre and petrol from 87 naira to 145 naira.”