Police Foils A Military Coup Attempt In Turkey

Courtesy of the police force, a fresh Turkish military coup attempt was foiled on Saturday.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to cleanse the system of the “viruses” that attempted to depose his administration over the weekend.

From all indications, the president is making true his threats and out for no mercy on those found guilty of the foiled coup.

As it is now, the government has rekindle the re-validating of death penalty in the system. Amnesty International however, counters the move in that direction.

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“A number of government officials and ruling party representatives have spoken in favor of reinstating the death penalty, itself a tool of past military rulers. This regressive step should be avoided, as should further restrictions on legitimate dissent.”- Amnesty International


According to Turkish officials, about 8,000 police officers are suspects; and have been suspended. Over 6,000 persons have also been arrested in line with the failed coup attempt.

Report says that the arrested suspects were detained in a horse stable in the nation’s capital, Ankara, partially stripped of their clothes. The President says that those behind the plot “will pay a very heavy price for this act of treason.”

The foiled coup has seen the death of dozens of people in Turkey.


The Turkish Interior Ministry is being purged of 8,777 officers. Of the arrested suspects, majority were police officers. The guilty list also includes 103 generals and admirals; and one-third of the general-rank command of the Turkish military.

Amongst the 27 men who were accused of masterminding the Turkish military coup attempt, President Erdogan is certain that Islamist Cleric, Fethullah Gulen is part and parcel of the plan.

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President Erdogan has urged the United States to extradite Gulen who currently resides in Pennsylvania. In response to the president, the cleric denied having anything to do with it.

“Twenty years ago, I clearly stated my support for democracy and I said that there is no return from democracy in Turkey. My position on democracy is really clear. Any attempts to overthrow the country is a betrayal to our unity and is treason.”-  Gulen.