TV Presenter In Egypt Jailed For Blaming Assault Victim

An Egyptian Court has ordered the incarceration of Egyptian TV presenter, Reham Saheed, on the charge of violating the privacy of an assault victim she had earlier interviewed on her show.

Saheed who has always been a controversial TV presenter had invited the victim of a violent confrontation on her show. The woman in question had her confrontation with a certain man captured on close-circuit television. She had walked into the frame with a man who she was seemingly arguing with, he had slapped her and was restrained by mall security and onlookers.

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The woman had then complained to the police that the man was harassing her but said man was neither arrested nor prosecuted. `Seeking some form of justice, she posted the video on Facebook and to date, it’s had as many as half a million views. She likewise made several TV appearances where she alleged that the man was not arrested because he was too well-known in the area. Her public opinion forays finally found her becoming the target of one of Saheed’s provocative interviews. In the course of their discussion, TV presenter Saheed had challenged the woman, throwing out questions centering around how her mode of dressing had provoked the harassment.

Reham Saeed_0

The woman who had been wearing jeans and a sleeveless top in the mall CCTV footage was then asked by the TV Presenter if she believed she was appropriately dressed. Saheed went on to project other pictures of the woman, in different types of dressing and accused her of wearing revealing clothes.

Saheed’s programme was temporarily suspended and the woman alleged that Saheed’s producers had looked through her phone to get pictures while she waited in the studio. The accusation was denied by Saheed and Egyptians online just focused on condemning Saheed with the opinion that she was promoting violence and harassment against women.

Saheed has now been handed a jail sentence of a year and six months on Monday, ironically shorter than the eventual sentence of the assaulter who was given a month and following an appeal, two weeks. The TV Presenter will also along with the jail sentence be required to pay a fine of 10,000 Egyptian pounds by a court in Giza, although she still retains the right to appeal. Hopefully this will send a much-needed message to the world at large that victim blaming is not an admirable thing and assault of any kind should be condemned.

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