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Video gaming is just a source of entertainment for many but there are a select few like American Twitch streamer, Tyler Blevins (Ninja) who have gone ahead to turn the interesting pastime into a lucrative career. In addition to being a professional gamer, the internet personality is also a YouTuber. His first competitive tournament was in 2009 when he joined a Halo 3 event with very little success in Orlando but as at May 2019, he holds the records on Twitch as the most followed streamer with way above 14 million in following and 40k per week average views.

Tyler Blevins (Ninja) has a lot of presence on social media platforms with his subscription level on YouTube listed above 10 million, his Instagram account boasts of over 3.5 million fans and Twitter has recorded more than 1.9 million followers. It became glaring by April 2018 that he was among the heavyweights in the social media, an internet superstar; Tyler has truly turned his hobby in a thriving career with lots of dedication and perseverance. However, the credits go to his inborn talent as the knack for streaming seems to run in his bloodstream – he actually learned the intricacies of gaming from his dad.

Tyler Blevins’ (Ninja) – Bio (Age)

The 5th of June 1991 is his date of birth and he was born in Greyscale Illinois as Richard Tyler Blevins, though he is known as Ninja online. Tyler is the youngest son of Cynthia and Chuck Blevins who also have two older sons namely Chris and John Blevins. When he was just one year old, his family relocated to Chicago suburbs where he spent his formative years excelling in both video games and sports.

During his days at Grayslake Central High School, Tyler Blevins (Ninja) played football and was enthusiastic about video games, he made the decision to go professional with video gaming after graduation. The young streamer has always been an adept hand at streaming from his formative years and even though he is the youngest among the Blevins brothers, He had a knack for winning them at Halo even before he hit ten. Tyler became serious with the games when he came to realize the inherent gains in it, thus he started joining professional organizations, entering for tournaments as well as live streaming his games, and before long, the professional streamer was already winning cash.

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Important to note that the entire Blevins family is ardent at streaming, in fact, it was their dad who tutored Tyler and his brothers in the art. His family has made several appearances on episodes of the TV game show popularly called Family feud in 2015.

Meet His Wife Jessica Goch

Tyler Blevins (Ninja)
Tyler Blevins (Ninja) and his wife Jessica Goch image source

Tyler Blevins (Ninja) gave up the single life to embrace matrimony in 2017. He exchanged marriage vows on the 12th of August with his long-time girlfriend Jessica Goch who is also a fellow streamer. However, their first meeting dates back to 2010 when the duo nearly missed the chance of meeting each other.

They met at a Halo tournament which Jessica nearly didn’t attend as she had to drive through a snowstorm for over 3 and half hours to get to the destination. As at the time of their meeting, both had other love interests but got back together through Twitter after three years.

Since she became Mrs. Blevins, Jessica plays an active role in her husband’s profession; she undertook the job of Tyler Blevins’ (Ninja) manager after it came to her notice that he really needed some assistance. Their marriage is yet to produce any kid, however, they appear to be living happily together as no negative news has come from them so far.

Presently, they are both residents of a gated community very close to Chicago – a district which houses several players for the Chicago Bears team. While they were at their former residence, they usually had fans waiting at the door to met Tyler and when they moved to a more secure environment the fans resorted to sending messages to their mailbox.

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Tyler Blevins’ (Ninja)  Net Worth

As the most followed streamer on Twitch, Tyler Blevins (Ninja) earns a healthy amount of money on a daily basis. According to what he told CNBC in a 2018 interview held in March, he makes above $500,000 per month, just from his Twitch subscribers. A cumulative of the income he earns from all his social media channels have contributed to his net worth of $6 million.


Tyler Blevins (Ninja) is an exceptionally tall guy, standing at a gigantic height of 6 feet 2 inches which is approximately 1.88 m.

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