Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago

A few days ago, Nigerian billionaire and business mogul celebrated the honesty of a security guard at United Bank of Africa (UBA) identified as Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago.

The man of integrity returned the sum of $10,000 which was misplaced by a customer.

Mohammed had picked up the money in front of the UBA branch at Oba Akran, Ikeja Lagos. Without hesitation, the responsible staff returned the money which is a Nigerian equivalent of well over N3.5 million.

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Nigeria has not been in the news for all the best economic reasons lately. This singular act has proven that indeed Nigeria still has reputable citizens. They might not be in the ruling class, but they still know the worth of integrity.

Tony Elumelu, chairman of the UBA Group celebrated the daunting gesture of this security officer, Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago. He took to social media to spread the practical gospel of honesty depicted by this man.

Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago

This is what the billionaire had to say about Mohammed on Instagram:

“Last month, Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago, a security guard at the ubagroup branch in Oba Akran, found $10,000 belonging to a customer outside on the ground at his branch. In an unparalleled display of his own integrity, he decided to return the money, preserving the integrity of the bank.”

“When I heard about this story, I knew I had to meet the man who despite facing rising petrol & transportation prices and “tomato ebola” returned such a huge sum of money without recourse to himself.”

“It was a pleasant surprise to hear him tell this story and about how he came to be in the board room with us. Even more surprising was hearing him speak about his passion for governance and integrity in leadership.”

“Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago is an exemplary ambassador of the UBA spirit and of our core values: “HEIR” Humility, Empathy, Integrity & Resilience.”

“At UBA Group the customer comes first and we uphold their trust in us. It was fulfilling to meet and reward him for his conduct. The UBA Group management is proud to have this caliber of staff at all levels. Congratulations to Mohammed and keep up the good work.”

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The public and social media community have applauded the fantastically commendable act of the security guard. Nevertheless, they suggest that it will not be out of place to honor the responsible staff with a much more tangible reward than a handshake and a couple of pictures with the bosses.