Ufot Ekong

Ufot Ekong is a Nigerian who has made series of successes in Tokai University in Tokyo.

First it was reported that the young fellow made an unprecedented academic mark in the institution by solving a mathematical problem that no one in the institution was able to solve in about 30 years.

Ufot went on to produce a miniature exotic car in the tech-friendly nation.

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Thirdly Ufot makes it as the best overall student since 1965; breaking a 50 year old record.

To sustain his stay in the Asian country and paying for his school fees, the hardworking Nigerian from the South-south region, had to do a couple of jobs as a student.

Ufot Ekong studied at Tokai University in Tokyo. Tokai University is a prestigious private university that was founded in 1924. The institution, which is  based in the Japanese capital, specializes on science and technology.

Since 1965, no student in the reputable institution had ever scored as high and great as the Nigerian whiz champ. Ufot Ekong graduated with a first class in electrical engineering from the science and tech based institution. The 30-year old became the Best Overall Student from Tokai University in Tokyo, Japan.

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Report confirms that Ufot had amassed 6 academic excellence awards all through his study at the University. He is proficient with such languages as English, French, Japanese and Yoruba. Ufot actually won a Japanese language award for foreigners.

To design a vehicle in a tech-power nation like Japan says volume about Ufot’s viable opportunities in the Asian country. Currently, he has 2 patents for electronic car design. Interestingly the young man has caught the eye of Nissan, where he now works.

While enjoying his successes Ufot Ekong is still doing his part time PhD programme. Back home, he came up with an initiative to support his home state, Akwa Ibom.

He was received by the President for representing the country excellently well in diaspora.