Uganda Is Now Open To Exporting Maids To The Middle East

The Ugandan government has signed a deal with the country of Jordan that would see it exporting maids to the Asian country and other countries in the middle east once again.

NBS Uganda reported that a ban on the exportation of young women for domestic labour to the middle east was lifted. Hence, it is once again legal to participate in exporting maids to the middle east.

The ban was set in place due to the exploitation, torture, and sexual harassment the African domestic workers experienced at the hands of their employers.

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The decision to reopen the “domestic deal” between Uganda and the Middle east was made behind closed doors. Representatives of Jordan’s labour recruitment firms and Uganda’s minister of gender, labour, and social development, Janat Mukwaya were present. It is being reported that negotiations reached a deal to provide insurance and assurance of Sh50,000 to each domestic worker.

The few employment opportunities in the continent of Africa has caused many to accept work as maids and other household service roles, particularly in the middle east.

Unfortunately, complaints of abuse by the bosses of the domestic workers against their maids have become a cause for concern in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda who are the major exporters of maids to the middle east.

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A particular account which raised criticism on social media was the maltreatment of Kenyan maid, Mary kibwana Kamajo, by her Lebanese owner.

mary kibwane

Mary, whose boss overworked and abused her, set her ablaze, causing her to suffer a 3rd-degree burn. She was hospitalised for 6 weeks in Lebanon before she was lucky enough to come back home with the help of a Kenyan lawmaker.

Although the 31-year-old mother of four struggled to stay alive, she eventually gave up the ghost on July 31st in Kenya.