Museveni Opposes Arms Embargo On South Sudan

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has opposed UN’s plan to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan.

President Museveni says it will weaken its army as the east African country is currently trying to contain a comeback of violence in Juba.

President Museveni stated his concerns regarding the arms embargo on South Sudan at the African Union Summit which was hosted in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali on Saturday.

“When you impose an (arms) embargo on South Sudan you destroy the local force on which you need to build a strong integrated army,” a statement from his office read.

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He however did not state what other actions the Ugandan government will be taking in regards to the South Sudanese government. The Ugandan government has in time past backed President Salva Kiir; it sent troops to back the government against VP and rebel leader, Riek Machar when the uprising began in 2013.

The Ugandan government as well as those of UK, Italy, Japan, India sent troops to evacuate their citizens from the east African country as they did not trust the loyalists of both Machar and Kiir to heed to their cease-fire calls.

As contentions grew in Juba last week, the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon urged for an arms embargo to be placed on South Sudan.

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“This is the time to massively reinforce UN action. When a Government cannot or will not protect its people, and when warring parties seem more intent on enriching and empowering themselves at the expense of their people, the international community has a responsibility to act,” the Secretary-General told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York last week.

“I call on the Security Council and the entire membership of the United Nations to rise to this moment and protect the human rights of South Sudanese,” he added.