Uganda Has Been Declared Yellow Fever-Free

Uganda’s ministry of health has declared that the country, which had an outbreak of yellow fever in March, is now Yellow fever-free.

Prof Anthony Mbonye, the acting Director General Health Services stated that the end of the endemic was due to the success of a vaccination campaign which was carried out in 17 districts.

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Prof Mbonye said in an address to journalists at the Uganda Media on Tuesday that all cases of the illness have been eradicated with no traces left. And between June 1 and September 6, there has been no new reported case of the sickness.

“No new cases of yellow fever have been confirmed. The Public Health Emergency Operations Centres (PHEOC) coordinated a one-month enhanced yellow fever surveillance in the 17 districts… there was no evidence of yellow fever transmission,” Prof Mbonye said.

The vaccination campaign was carried out in districts close to Masaka, Rukungiri, and Kalangala. They were; Bukomansimbi, Kalungu, Lwengo, Rakai, Lyantonde, Sembabule Kiruhura, Mbarara, Mitooma, Sheema, Bushenyi, Rubirizi, Ntungamo, Buhweju, Isingiro, Kabale, and Kanungu.

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The outbreak began in March in Masaka in a single family who reported cases of high fever that was unresponsive to malaria drugs. The family also reported cases of convulsions and unconsciousness.

Out of the 65 suspected cases of Yellow fever reported during the outbreak, only seven cases were actually positive.

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Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne illness that is spread by the aedes aegypti and the haemogogus mosquitoes. It is called ‘yellow’ for jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) which affects some patients of the sickness.

The sickness usually targets the liver and kidneys.

The outbreak caused a launch in preventive measures to curb the transmission of the illness. The Ministry of Health began requesting immunization certificates from travelers from high-risk countries.

Uganda being yellow fever-free surely means that citizens can stop panicking due to fears of a nationwide spread.