Ugandan Model Aamito Stacie Lagum Ridiculed By Racist Trolls For Having ‘Fish Lips’

Ugandan model, Aamito Stacie Lagum was captured backstage of the New York fashion week wearing a new lipstick by MAC cosmetics they called ‘Matte royal’. MAC posted an up close picture of Aamito’s pout on their Instagram page to promote the new item, but the commenters seemed to have found something more interesting than the new lipstick.

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MAC posted the picture below with the caption, “Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW”. There were some positive comments on the page but some other down right atrocious comments from racist trolls. They ridiculed her lips, calling it ‘ew’, ‘fish lips’, ‘nigga lips’ etc. One of the users even went as far as typing a long rant stating how black women will never be as  beautiful as white women. The comment read;

aamito mac model

‘Black women will never be as beautiful as white women. The only argument blacks have is they have more melanin like that matters.

‘Yes white women can get injections and when they do, they are basically flawless.

‘You don’t have any thing over them anymore and thats why you get so p***** off. Keep lying to yourselves thinking your dark asses look better.

‘Dont even come at me with the “all white features were first started by blacks”. Even if that was true, WHERE THEY AT THO? Keep projecting your jealousy on white women though, I’d rather be a cracker with injections than look like the majority of you oily yet ashy at the same time people.

‘Acting like you don’t bleach your skins, get nosejobs, get contacts, and dye your hair blonde.’

Some other comments took to educating the racists on their double standards and cultural appropriation.

One said;

‘This woman’s lips are a beautiful heart shape. I can’t say the abundance of racist comments that were previously on here actually surprise me.

‘Black features are only considered beautiful when not actually on black women.’

The page which has over 30, 00 comments at the moment now has commenters backlashing the racists.

Despite all these, Aamito kept calm, only posting on her Instagram a screen-shot of a headline regarding her lips where she wrote;

aamito lagum

My lips giving you sleepless nights. On @maccosmetics IG.

‘Thankyou @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist .ama get me 3 of these.

MAC in response also posted a pictured and wrote, ‘M·A·C stands for and respects All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. We celebrate the beauty of individuality, and the confidence to be who you are.’


The Ugandan model was the first winner of Africa’s Next Top Model. She has appeared on the runway of major fashion shows, and even in magazines.

aamito stacie

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