Ugandan soldier

One Ugandan soldier has been marked responsible for the death of seven people, three children included when he engaged himself in a shooting spree against no one in particular at a military police barracks in the capital, Kampala.

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Sergeant Isaac Obua, the Ugandan soldier in question was then shot dead as the situation was forcefully brought under control. Military police spokesman Maj Edward Birungi who spoke on the incident, shared that Sgt Obua had had a dispute with his wife, which escalated into the tragedy.

He reportedly got drunk, went out searching for his wife, who had managed to escape and then opened fire randomly, leading to the deaths. Along with the three children, the rogue Ugandan soldier also killed one female soldier and the wives of three other soldiers.

Two people were also said to have been injured in the shooting which occurred at Makindye barracks in the south of Kampala.

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The army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda took to twitter and tweeted; “Sgt Obua Isaac of military police Makindye has just gone bonkers killed seven people”, after which he again tweeted;  “We are all mourning.”.

This apparently is not the first incidence of it’s kind as the BBC reports that there have been several incidents of soldiers going on the rampage in Uganda. In May, three people were killed and six injured in a bar. And in 2014, a soldier killed 10, also in a bar.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when those who have sworn and trained for the sole purpose of protecting the citizens of a country are now losing their minds and taking those lives themselves.

Hopefully this will be the last report of this kind from Uganda as the army takes steps to ensure that those in their ranks are kept in line.