Uganda’s Motorbike Ambulances Save Lives In Rural Communities

Motorbike ambulances are generally categorized as emergency vehicles. In Uganda, for instance, they are bridging a serious health gap in rural communities. Wikipedia says a motorcycle ambulance is a faster option in cases of medical emergency. This is because they have an upper hand in finding a way through road traffics.

In that view, Uganda has given a health relevance to their popular motorbike taxis, known as ‘boda boda’. Boda Boda riders are notorious for disregarding traffic rules in cities like Kampala. For a change the notoriety has turned into a life changing skill in rural communities.

The services of the motorbike ambulances in Uganda are helping to reduce mortality rates in Uganda’s rural communities. The best part of this priceless function is that it is affordable for the residents. So they do not only assure the people of reachable medical attention but also a less expensive one.

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Motorbike Ambulances

With the motorbike ambulances, people with cardiac diseases and maternity situations have a chance of obtaining medical attention in good time.

Motorbike ambulances are useful paramedic services in rural communities. They are found in many countries of the world. They are operational in African countries like Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Malawi and South Sudan.

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In 2010, UNICEF in conjunction with other health agencies provided motorbike ambulances in Western Equatorial. Southern Sudan is known as one of the nations with the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

“By affording safe access to previously out of reach medical services in the region, these new vehicles will go a long way in cutting down many of these unnecessary deaths… These motorbike ambulances will… help pregnant mothers access skilled birth attendance”UNICEF.

In the same way the eRanger Production Company have set a motorbike ambulance network in Kambia, Sierra Leone. The motorbikes have comfortable hind or side cars attached to them. This is where the patients sit or lays down as the trained rider takes them to the hospital.

Motorbike Ambulances