Uganda’s Museveni Lights Up Twitter After Confusing Roadside Call

It’s no wonder Uganda’s Museveni has managed to light up twitter.

It’s not every day you see a national leader parked at the roadside, eschewing his motorcade in favor of a simple seat as he supposedly answers a 30-minute phone call.

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This is the now famous photo of Uganda’s Museveni, chatting on the phone while sitting on a chair on the side of a village road.


The photo, unsurprisingly, has raised questions – such as whether the cowboy hat-wearing leader was pulling off a cheap publicity stunt or was dealing with urgent matters of national importance.

To make matters even more confusing, the picture of Uganda’s Museveni was not taken by a random passerby but was released by his press officer Don Wanyama.

He said on Facebook his 71-year-old boss had stopped his motorcade to make the 30-minute call while returning from World Population Day celebrations in remote western Uganda on Monday.

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No one could figure out exactly what the picture was supposed to tell the people.

The press officer did not say why the call had to be made from a roadside chair, with an accompanying desk, so Ugandans and other people on twitter have undertaken the responsibility of getting to the root of the issue themselves.

This man believes that it is somehow tied to Besigye securing bail yesterday, while the one below believes it must be tied somehow to credit needs.

Uganda's Museveni As the meme multiplied, some Ugandans questioned whether they should be following presidential example by finding a spot outside to sit and chat, challenging others to do the same using a hashtag inspired by Museveni’s nickname M7.

After the stopover, the President had a brief chat with the residents of Kyeirumba Village; “They thanked the government for tarmacking the road that connects Uganda to Tanzania through Isingiro,” Mr. Museveni said.