Ugliest color

When we were much younger, most of us only had to deal with the colors in the rainbow which were seven basic colors.

If you have ever had to decorate either an office or home space however, you will quickly be introduced to a variety of other colors, some of which we cannot even be sure of their names.

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Your computer screen displays up to 16.8 million colors, so the color game is a pretty massive one. We all have our favorite colors, some solidly on the spectrum of the rainbow colors like red or blue, but some others venturing out into more uncommon areas.

Be that as it may, some colors are flattering and others are just not, but a study has identified one particular color as the worst of the lot, the ugliest color so to speak.

Ugliest Color

A study conducted by an agency hired by the Australian government has made a statement on the ugliest color in the world official, so the result we are about to reveal is backed by study and is actually pretty useful, but chances are that you have never heard or seen the color before. The world’s ugliest color is opaque couché or pantone 448 C and here it is pictured below.

Ugliest Color

This color beat other pantone contenders with names like; puke, glaucous, wenge and xanadu to clinch the designation of ugliest color, and it is no wonder considering it has been described as the love child of brown, green, khaki with a bit of puke.

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So what was the reason for this study?

The color was designed by the Australian government to use as tobacco packaging. The new color was adopted for all tobacco packaging together with the graphic health warnings, probably to dissuade smoking.

Admittedly, opaque couché is not a great color, but is it enough to reduce the rate at which tobacco sells? Guess we will just have to wait and see.