Ugliest People in the World

Let us just forget about the most beautiful people for once and focus on the ugliest people in the whole wide world. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and so is ugliness but when there are a lot of eyes beholding anybody as ugly, it becomes a more generalized opinion.

There are definitely some countries known to have more ugly people than others. In Africa for example, there are those ones known to have uglier people than beautiful ones. This is because you have a higher concentration of those from that country that do not appeal to the eyes of many beholders from there and elsewhere.

African Countries With The Ugliest People

Honest answer? It is a bit difficult to say with certainty. There is a yearly award for the Most Beautiful People of Africa and in the recent one, Out of 48 participating countries, Kenya was placed last with a score of just 7 points out of a possible 540 points! The first runner-up ugliest was Zambia, then second runners-up was Gabon. It’s bad enough being called ugly, but it’s a whole lot for other people to be labeled ugly by consensus.

Kenyans have received the award for the funniest-looking and the ugliest people in Africa on at least 2 occasions in which they were voted the funniest looking people in Africa. Among the 48 participating nations in the Annual Most Beautiful People of Africa Awards one of which was held at the Gregor Theater in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Kenya took the last position for the most beautiful people, dislodging Zambia and reclaiming the title it held in 2000.

The top position was taken by Rwanda, then followed by Cameroon and Ethiopia as second runner-up. The judges awarded points based on physical appearance, grooming, presentation, communication among other things.

However, the subjectivity involved in assessing the ugliest people in the world and Africa has made it unfair to tag any one country as having the ugliest people populating it, every country has beautiful and not so beautiful people…also, it depends on what other countries view as beautiful. Everyone’s different so you can’t pick just one country.

Quick Facts About The Ugliest People in Africa

It was said that:

“Women from the Kikuyu community have small legs, totally no figures, and little-exaggerated heads. They lack good behinds and those who have them look like inflated balloons. They are shaped like pyramids turned upside down. A big upper frame and an almost invisible lower bit.”

“Luo men on the other side have distorted facial features..say big lips and huge noses or should we call them knobs. Kikuyu men are also disproportional, and most of them are stunted. They walk leaning forward. Plus they have long rusty teeth.”

The winner of the Beautiful People of Africa Award was Rwanda, followed by Cameroon and Ethiopia.

The Country With The Ugliest People

At the world at large, Brits are considered to be among the ugliest people in the world. This is according to a report evaluating the entries at an exclusive website ( which only allows what it describes as ‘beautiful people’ to join.

“We don’t try to define beauty, but what the members do is give an accurate representation of what society’s idea of beauty is,” said Greg Hodge, Beautiful People managing director.

He further explained that applicants are smartly rated in considering whether they are allowed to join the judgments of people from their country are worth more than those of people elsewhere.

Figures revealed that men from the UK, Germany, and Poland are the most unappealing and ugliest people in the world. Sweden, Brazil, and Norway were the most successful applicants, proving to be the most beautiful countries overall. So why are Brits considered to be the ugliest people in the world? Here is what Greg had to say.

“I think there is less emphasis on appearance in the UK than overseas. If you go to some countries they are very into how they look – very healthy and body conscious.”

“The UK attitude is a bit more about kicking back and relaxing, and having a few drinks in the pub after work.”

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