#UhuruChallenge: Kenyans Jokingly Chastise Their President For Launching So Many Projects

Social media has become a playground for Africans needing to escape the rigors of their normal lives or criticize their governments. When these two intents of having fun and criticizing governments come together, you get the Uhuru challenge – one of the most hilarious hashtags ever to grace social media, that lit up Kenyan Twitter over the weekend.

The Uhuru Challenge lit up Kenyan Twitter over the weekend following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to make a fuss about the launch of a footbridge in Mombasa.

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President Kenyatta had taken to his Facebook page on January 5 to write;

“Commissioned the Buxton Footbridge Non-Motorized Transport Project in Mombasa. We are commissioning projects worth Ksh. 3.2 Billion in Mombasa today.”

Kenyans who were not impressed by what was being commissioned took to social media to ridicule the president’s great enthusiasm for launching projects.

Uhuru challenge

Some viewed the projects being launched to not have enough merit to warrant all the Presidential attention while others say some of the projects “launched” by the president were already under way or had already been commissioned.

The Uhuru Challenge took off with Kenyans posting their own examples of things they were “launching” or “commissioning”. Most of the top tweets with the hashtag took a cue from the president’s superfluous description of the footbridge as the Buxton Footbridge Non-Motorized Transport Project to also give exaggerated descriptions of the everyday objects they were commissioning.

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Here are our favorite tweets from the hilarious #UhuruChallenge;

This tweet shows that the problem of unnecessary launches and commissioning is not solely restricted to Kenya. Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe was therefore invited to the party.

It is no news that Kenyans are unhappy with the underwhelming results of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s fight against corruption, which recently led Kenya’s doctors to go on a strike.

And this final one is just a dig at the ruling Jubilee party and a very nice one at that.