It’s Not Just Trump, UK Is Building A Wall To Stop Illegal Migration

The UK Wall – Report says that UK has announced the construction of “a big, new wall” in Calais, France.

When Trump says he would build a wall to check the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States, many attacked him for it.

Now it appears the wall option will be a much sooner reality in the UK.

The world has never experienced the level of migration crisis the way it did this year. Terrorism, economic upheavals, political and communal clashes and natural disasters are making people in the world over to flee from their home countries.

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Building the UK wall just like Trump proposed became a viable option when terrorists took their escapades to a high speed. They blow up nations and then turn nationals to refugees. Then they go ahead to exploit these refugees who seek asylum in much developed countries.

ISIS has infiltrated into many nations through brainwashed and dejected refugees, or even in the guise of refugees.

Europe as a whole does not take kindly to illegal migration, especially with the rate of terrorism and refugee influx in the continent.


The UK wall, known as the Rocade, will be built along the ferry port’s main dual-carriageway approach road. Preparations for the construction has commenced but work in earnest will start by the end of the month and hopefully completed by the end of 2016.

The £1.9 million wall, which will be built in two sections on either side of the road, will also be made with smooth concrete. The idea is to make scaling the wall very difficult.

“People are still getting through.”

“We have done the fences. Now we are doing the wall.” – Robert Goodwill, UK’s Immigration Minister

Robert Goodwill says the 4 metres high wall was part of a £17 million package of joint Anglo-French security measures to tighten precautions at the port.

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The proposed UK wall has been criticized by many on the bases of inefficiency, hence a waste of money. Some have advised that the wall idea be trashed. They believe the money will be better spent on increasing security along the approach roads.

A French aid group working in Calais also sees no practical achievement in deterring migrants with the wall erection.

“When you put walls up anywhere in the world, people find ways to go round them. It’s a waste of money.”said François Guennoc of Auberge des Migrants.