Understanding Just How Successful Mohale Motaung Is At His Age

What Mohale Motaung has achieved at 29 years old, could take others a lifetime to complete. The South African youngster is an entrepreneur of a rare kind who began showing his business acumen even as a teen when he set up his first company. Many years have passed since his first business venture was launched and Mohale has not remained stagnant, instead, he has spread his interests across several sectors in South Africa.

Mohale Motaung Was Born 29 Years Ago in Joburg

Mohale Motaung was born on the 9th of July 1994, at Kibler Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng. He and his two sisters were born into the family of Sechaba Motaung and Lebo Motaung (their parents). His two sisters’ names are Palesa Kwanaite and Motheo Motaung. Mohale Motaung grew up in Johannesburg with his sisters but not much was known about his early years, as it has not been discussed by him in the public space.

Though not much information is known about his elementary and secondary school education, he was reported to be a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. After his first degree, he went ahead to enroll in a program in marketing and economics at the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) graduate school, a renowned South African Management graduate school.

With his high rate of success in his career and business at just 29 years of age, Mohale Motaung is one of the few lucky individuals to attain such a feat in South Africa, an accomplishment that has seen him become a strong social media influencer and one of the most popular celebrities from South African soil.

As a young black South African, he did not wait for what the government will do for him in terms of jobs and other welfare packages. Instead of joining the league of job seekers, he thought outside the box and engaged his God-given talent to create a job. Today, he is all of a successful entrepreneur, an actor, and a model.

How Did Mohale Motaung Rise To Fame?

Mohale Motaung is famous for his role as Odirile, a confident gay economics student in the popular South African MTV Shuga series. As a smart and gifted boy, Mohale began his journey to fame right from his university days when he made his acting debut in the MTV Shuga: Down South, a TV series that shot him into the spotlight.

Ever since his first appearance on the screen, his popularity has been growing due to the role he played in the series, and he has been leveraging on IT to bring his entrepreneurship and business sense to the front line, thereby expanding his fan base.

Following the success of his MTV Shuga series, he became more prominent as the host of Living The Dream with Somizi and the judge on Dance Your Butt Off.

His relationship with his husband as a gay person has also helped in propelling him to the public scene, as he was given a platform to market himself to the world. Moreover, his marriage with his husband has contributed to his fame as a gay actor. It was a loud and elaborate wedding that everyone heard of.

The Businesses and Careers That Made Mohale Motaung Successful At His Young Age

As a young, brilliant, and smart person, Mohale Motaung has learned not to put his eggs in one basket. He has his hands in a good number of legal and profitable businesses that fetch him money on a regular basis. In his big world, every business he seems to lay his hands on turns out to be profitable for him, people often wonder if he has a trick he uses that makes this happen. But the thought of Mohale being an economist gives one an impression of his capability to make things happen. Beneath his success, fame and riches lie the following five businesses he’s involved in.

Mohale Motaung Setup His Clothing Brand In 2011 At The Age Of 17

Mohale Motaung also has a clothing brand he established, which he named Csquared. It is one of the first businesses he set up, sometime in 2011 when he was about 17 years old. This brand expresses his talent and skills for brand development and new fashion styles. As the model that he is, and with his passion for creating new fashion trends, building up a clothing brand was never a big deal for him.

As we speak, Csquared is thriving well in the South African fashion arena as the company has been the source of inspiration for several SA fashion trends. This clothing brand is also a major source of income for the talented youngster as he is being patronized by celebrities from and outside South Africa. Seeing how robustly successful the business has been, Mohale is not yet resting on his oars, he is working so hard to take his fashion business to the next level.

He Established His Transport Company At The Age Of 19 In 2013

Mohale Motaung has a transport company on the list of his businesses. He started the company in 2013, at that time, he was just 19 years old. Speaking on Mack Rapapali in May 2021, he admitted that he grew up being an ambitious and smart kind. Little wonder he had the drive to set up a trucking company as a teen.

Since the creation of the company, Mohale has been working so hard to bring it (the company) to the front burner with standard logistics and human resources needed. The company has no doubt been yielding profits for him.

At The Age Of 25 In 2019, Mohale Began His Acting Career

Though it is not publicly known whether he was in any drama group before he got featured in his first role, which eventually brought him to the limelight, it was reported that Mohale Motaung secured his first movie role in February 2019 at the age of 25.

He has been active in acting since his first appearance in the MTV Shuga series and has featured in some movies. Since he started acting, he has been making money for himself, just like every other actor. However, how much he makes per movie is not known, but he is believed to be pocketing a lot of money from his acting gigs, seeing how successful Shuga is.

Mohale Established Glam Troupes In 2018 At The Age Of 24

In the wake of his acting career, Mohale saw an opportunity in the fashion industry but this time not to cater to the insatiable needs of known celebs but graduands. He launched a new fashion company which he named Glam Troupes. The brand is into Matric Dance packages, graduation makeovers, styling, and caters to the entertainment needs of all who can foot their bill.

Obviously, since the launch of the company, it has grown significantly in both patronage, and human resources, with a proper management structure and good funding for smooth running. There is no doubt that the business is a promising one that is fast transforming into a successful enterprise in the entertainment scene. Mohale Motaung has been reaping big time from Glam Troupe since he started the business, thereby contributing handsomely to his fat pocket. He also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

He Models for His Clothing Line

Mohale Motaung is also known to own a modeling company and is into modeling himself. The youngster is seriously building his modeling career and reshaping it. He is working towards making his modeling outfit become a big name.

He’s the Face Of Finery Gin

His modeling career is propelling him further into the limelight, and he is fast becoming a face for some notable brands in the South African business environment. For instance, he is the brand ambassador for Finery Gin, a South African gin (mixed with grapefruit) that is produced by Jeannie D. He is also known as the face of some other brands.

Social Media Influence

As an influencer who has a huge followership on Instagram and other platforms, Mohale Motaung has been harnessing the power of social media in making money for himself. Across Instagram and Twitter alone, he has over 1.7m followers, most of whom actively engage with his sponsored adverts or even automated adverts that appear when scrolling through his page.

Having understood that social media is now a platform to make money through adverts displayed on one’s platform, as fans and followers click on them and take action, he keeps making money for himself. Mohale Motaung has been using that to his advantage, thereby adding it as another source of income for him.

Show Business

As a TV personality and a motivational speaker, Mohale Motaung runs a show business, and he is doing well with it. He runs a TV talk show called “Let’s Talk with Mohale”. The show is an edutainment channel that is making a positive impact and effecting change in his society.

How Much is Mohale Motaung’s Net Worth?

From what we have seen, Mohale Motaung is resoundingly successful but his actual net worth is not known. A conservative estimate pegged the limit of his net worth to be at about $200, 000 and $500, 000 at most. Looking at the many profitable businesses the young lad has been able to set up and how he has also been able to monetize his public image, the value of his properties, cars, and the rest, he is valued to be one of the big millionaires in the South African entertainment industry and business circle in general.

It is expected that as he continues to grow his career and diversify his income base, his net worth will keep soaring, and perhaps, he can enter the top richest people in South Africa. This in itself won’t be too difficult to pull off, seeing all that he achieved as a teen.

Summarily, with how far he has been able to go within a short period of time and his achievements, there’s no doubt that Mohale Motaung’s business acumen is top-notch, and with many years ahead of him, he is going to break grounds and make bigger exploits.

A Sneak Peek Into Mohale Motaung’s Marriage With Somizi Mhlongo

Mohale Motaung started his relationship with Somizi Mhlongo when they met years back, a relationship that eventually led to marriage. The couple tied the knot on January 30, 2020. Their wedding had lots of South Africans in attendance, and it was a well-planned and lavishly celebrated event, such that it became the talk of the town.

As one would expect the husband to be older than the wife, Somizi Mhlongo is far older than Mohale Motaung by 21 years. Somizi is currently 50 years old while Mohale is just 29 years of age.

Being married to a man may not be a barrier to having children in the future as Mohale has said in his interview that he is going to have a biological child. His partner already has a daughter named Bahumi. Somizi had the child with the media personality Palesa Madisakwane in 1995.

Controversies Around Mohale Motaung and Somizi Mhlongo’s Marriage

Just barely a year into their marriage, the ship seems to be sinking in the middle of the sea. There has been much news flying around about the couples treading in the path of separation. Many people have been nailing the blame on Mohale for the imminent breakup, which they believe he (Mohale Motaung) is the one engineering it.

Many of the couple’s fans have accused Mohale of cheating on his husband Somizi. Some even believed he never showed true love to his husband in the first place.

To make everything look like how it is being painted by the public, Mohale Motaung added color to it by not having his wedding ring on in some of his recent pictures. There might be other reasons for this action, but it tilts more towards him not being too interested in the marriage any longer.

Though these revelations might not be strong enough to suggest that the couple are getting irritated in their union, the fact remains that they have not been truly finding it smooth recently, as Somizi Mhlongo has caught Mohale cheating and also complained about him getting too addicted to his phone.

For now, they are not legally divorced, even though it was reported that Mohale Motaung has served Somizi Mhlongo with divorce papers. We await to see the outcome of it all. Be that as it may, Mohale’s businesses have not been affected in any negative way.

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