10 Unexplained Mysteries From Around The World

Not every phenomenon that has occurred on earth can be explained and neither science, technology nor research has been able to solve some of the world’s mysteries. In a population of over 7.5 billion people, a lot of mysteries have occurred that are yet to be unraveled. The demands for logical explanations for these events abound, but no one has been able to solve these riddles. This has left mankind trusting on their instincts while making speculations. But until they are resolved, here are 10 unexplained mysteries from around the world.

10 Unexplained Mysteries From Around The World

1. The Dwarf Village

There are different sizes and shapes of people born on planet earth who are designed with individual differences, however, in the case of the people of Yangsi village in China, records have it that most of its population are dwarfs. There has not been any logical explanation to this occurrence, although, rumor has it that the village was befallen by a mysterious kind of disease about 60 years ago which affected most of the children between five to seven years of age, stunting their growth in the process.

China Dwarf Village

Experts who have researched about the illness has concluded that the possibility of the occurrence of the epidemic disease is very rare, nevertheless, in the case of Yangsi village, it affected almost the whole town. The villagers believed that they were spellbound because their gods were angry over improper burial ceremony of their ancestors.

As interesting as the village may seem, the Chinese government has refused to let the village become a tourist center, although, researches on the village has proven that the children born recently have escaped the wrath. Till date, it has remained one of the unexplained mysteries in the world.

2. Sleepy Hollow

Unexplained Mysteries
Kalachi Village

It is okay to have a good nap and sleep well but the case of the residents of Kalachi village located somewhere in Kazakhstan has been unexplained. They fall asleep on a daily basis which is a normal phenomenon for every being but in their case, they find it pretty difficult to be awake for long hours, and sometimes, days. Records have it that over 200 residents fall asleep at the same time for no just cause. Concerned that they may fall asleep and die in their sleep, the villagers invited medical experts and upon their research, there was no diagnosis. They further concluded that most of them suffered from a brain dysfunction.

3. Rain of Fish

Unexplained Mysteries

Sometime in the year 2000, the nation of Ethiopia experienced an unusual rain, with residents hoping that their soils were about to be blessed but were hit by surprise when it rained fish instead. A lot of the fishes were dead while others were struggling to survive. Agriculturists feared that the world had finally ended and paranormal researchers termed the act a Fortean activity and have not placed an explanation on its occurrence. The amazing fact of this occurrence is that it rained only one species of fish. Till date, there is no conclusion on how the scenario came about.

4. Indestructible Girl

We all dread poisonous substances because it could kill as fast as the snap of one’s fingers. But in the case of Jo Ghirardelli in the early 1800s, the reverse was the case. She was able to drink acid and come off unharmed. She swallowed red-hot objects without being harmed and played around hot boiling liquids. Prior to her death, she became so famous in all England and until death, the secrets to her tricks had not been unraveled making it one of the unexplained mysteries in the world.

5. Codex Gigas

Unexplained Mysteries
Devil’s Bible

Codex Gigas is simply known as the devil’s bible. It is said that a monk made a deal with the devil because he was sentenced to be walled up alive as punishment for breaking his monk vows, so he made a deal with the devil and sold his soul. The bible was created using over 160 animal skins and is written in Latin, although it has been translated in different versions including the works of Hippocrates and Cosmas of Prague. Surprisingly, twelve pages of the animal skinned write up has been missing and it has been rumored that they were stolen by the devil himself.

6. Voynich Manuscript

Unexplained Mysteries
Voynich Manuscript

There are different languages in the world, there are at least one or two persons in the world who speaks the same kind of language but the case of the Voynich manuscripts has proven that there is only one language linked to it and no one has been able to decode. The manuscript was said to have been written by men who lived centuries away from the recent generations. The contents contain a lot of artistic drawings which has been the idea behind any interpretation ever given and not necessarily an understanding of the language.

7.Jack the Ripper

Unexplained Mysteries

Jack the Ripper is an unknown murderer whose activities were around the White Chapel, London far back as 1888. The unidentified goon has been linked to several murders and was also called the Whitechapel Murderer or Leather Apron. Till date, no one has been able to identify the murderer of the 11 women in London east.

8. Antikythera Mechanism

Unexplained Mysteries
Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism is an analog machine found somewhere in ancient Greece used to determine the astrological calendars and dates. It was found on 17th May 1902 on a wrecked island in Greek by an archaeologist named Valerios Stais. The remarkable mechanism of this machine is its ability to use working theories to determine the positioning and movements of celestial bodies. No one has been able to place a hand on who built the incredible machine but having found in Greece it is assumed it was built by the Greek Scientist way back before Galileo and Issac Newton was born.

9. Money Pit

Unexplained Mysteries
Money Pit: Oak Island

Tales about buried treasures have been told over and over again but the truth is that the only place that has been linked to buried treasures is the small island known as the Oak Island located off the Nova Scotia in eastern Canada. The island is said to hold the gemstones of Marie Antoinette and Shakespearean calligraphy and his religious artifacts.

It was formally known as the Money Pit and over time, holes have been dug around in an attempt to find these treasures, however, none has been found yet. Till date, no one has been able to locate these treasures and has been categorized as one of the unexplained mysteries in the world.

10. Hoia Baciu

Unexplained Mysteries

Apart from the Amityville horror, the Hoia Baciu tale is another horrifying tale and it is referred to as the most haunted forest in the world. The forest is located at Transylvania and has been linked to spooky tales. Trees in the forest are bent and twisted in a way that it gives a horror look.

Many who have visited the forest have been frightened and claimed to be infested with burns and rashes after their visit. A few have claimed they had amnesia and can’t recall how their tours went. Although paranormal researchers are still trying to figure out how true are these tales which is still one of the world’s unexplained mysteries to date.

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