These 15 Phrases Are Sure To Make You Sound Unprofessional At Work

Sure the standards for strictly professional behavior in the workplace has dropped over the years. You can attest to this with observations on how work clothes have gotten more casual over the years and even work emails have become less formal.

A lot can still be said however for the casual professional, the person who is able to balance all this freedom and yet not come off as unprofessional at work.

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A lot of the heavy lifting for not coming off as unprofessional at work has to do with language. Chances are you will stick to whatever dress-code is prescribed by your superiors, but are you as careful with the words you use in addressing colleagues, whether in directing queries or sharing your own personal opinions on a project.

Below we will list a couple of words and phrases that do not help you to fight the silent battle of being unprofessional at work, trust us, it will help for office relations, even as you go higher in your work place.

Unprofessional At Work

20 phrases that make you sound unprofessional at work;

Cussing or Cursing: This is a complete no-no at the workplace, it makes you sound; angry, vulgar and uncreative.

Like: Try to refrain from frequently punctuating your sentences with ‘like’, it does not depict confidence in what you are saying.

That’s impossible: Bluntly shutting down new ideas without even explaining the issues you have with the idea shows an unwillingness to adapt.

I’ll deal with it later: Procrastination is not the mark of a professional, period.

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Mumbling: A professional ought to speak decisively, loudly and clearly, mumbling again shows no confidence in your ideas or ability.

That’s not my fault: It probably was not, but think how much better it would be if you were supplying a solution or inciting others to do so, instead of looking to lay blame.

I was just following orders: Here you are still deflecting blame, only this time to your superiors and they won’t take too kindly to that.

Are you upset: If you really have to ask, it probably means that you do not understand why the person is getting upset and a lack of understanding for someone’s feelings is not a message you want to pass along as a professional.

Unprofessional At Work

Sorry for being late: You really should not have to say this as a professional, because you should always be on time.

I’m bored: You certainly don’t expect an office clown to be hired for your entertainment, so why exactly are you announcing this?

I’m busy: You are expected to be busy, so announcing that to someone who needs you help only makes you appear insensitive.

That’s never going to happen: Shooting down someone can be done in a much gentler fashion.

Unprofessional At Work

Because I’m in charge: Okay. This just makes you appear high handed and what does it say about your inability to explain your motives for a particular task as a professional? Nothing good.

Yes (when you really mean no): You may do it to avoid conflict, but if you do not eventually do it, conflict will arise anyway.

Wow, that chick is…: No. Do not. Go to a club if you want to pick up somebody. Don’t do it at your workplace.