The Untold Truth Of Ruby Rose Turner: How Old She Is and What Made Her Famous

The preoccupations of every thirteen-year-old would usually involve doing mundane things that would satisfy your early teenage passions. This, however, is not the case for young talents like Ruby Rose Turner who had already achieved mainstream fame as a dancer at the age and has since moved on to hobnob with the best choreographers of our time, attending dance competitions and appearing on popular dance-related television shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Turner first came to public notice at the age of seven when she appeared in Sabado Gigante, a Spanish television program that was aired in the United States by Univision. The juvenile dancer has since displayed a natural talent for the art form that has ensured her continued appearances in other dancing contests and shows after Sabado Gigante.

Apart from dancing, Ruby Rose Turner has tried her hand at other things, like acting and modeling. She has graced the set of several movies and TV series, with some of her more notable roles being in Fuller House, Annie, and Burlap. She further appears to have an interest in theater and drama which has informed her appearance in some stage productions.

In regards to her modeling, the multi-talented teenage artist has posed for many top-notch apparel companies and featured in numerous television commercials.

What is Ruby Rose Turner’s Age?

Ruby Rose Turner has celebrated her birthday on the 16th of October ever since she was born in 2005 in Los Angeles, California. The juvenile talent is the daughter of Natalie and Andrew Turner who are parents to four other children; Alec, Alfie Ruby, and Nadia Turner. Like her only sister, Nadia is also a dancer.

As mentioned above, Ruby Turner was seven years of age when she made her debut on the stage of Sabado Gigante. She was able to do so after commencing dancing lessons at a very tender age. Details of her formal education history are not available, however, it can be deduced from her age that the young dancer should be attending high school though the institution she is attending is not known.

On a personal note, Ruby enjoys listening to loud music and eating ice cream, chocolate, and pineapple pizza. There is no available information that points to her having been in a relationship, however, she is noted to be close friends with Aston Rowland who has acted as her co-star.

Ruby Rose Turner
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How She Became Famous

Ruby Rose Turner gained popularity for her stellar dancing prowess which she honed by competing in several contests and championships. The young dancer even emerged winner in a few of the competitions she joined, before launching her professional dancing career in show biz.

She famously collaborated with another child artist named Quvenazhane Wallis to give a live performance in the ABC program popularly known as Dancing with The Stars. Ruby was also present in one of the show’s special episode, depicting the character of the modern-day or contemporary Annie.

As a famous dancer, Ruby Rose Turner has recorded quite some remarkable partnerships as she has teamed up with a few top-notch choreographers. They include the likes of Josh Killacky and Tricia Miranda.

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Away from dancing, the young star has gained further fame from her acting and modeling. She is noted for her performance on two episodes of Fuller House – the Netflix television sitcom in 2016 and 2017. She has further functioned as a model for the likes of Isabella, Chloe, Under Armor, Wells Fargo, and many more. The child model also paraded on the runway during the Otis Parsons yearly benefit fashion show which was staged at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

2014 saw Ruby Rose Turner playing the lead in a television film titled Annie. She later appeared as a guest artist on the set of some TV shows such as Hyperlinked in 2017, Black-ish in 2016 and Kid Advice in 2015. The 2016 movie titled Burlap cast her as Holly. In addition to those roles, she has also appeared in the popular Nickelodeon television program, Game Shakers.

Her acting talent is not limited to the screen as she has performed in the dramatics and theater, making stage appearances in Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty at The Pasadena Playhouse both in Lythgoe Family Productions and America Panto Productions.


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