Unveiled Truths About DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s Real Name and Full Biography

Lamiez Holworthy (Real Name: Ntokozo Dlamini) is a 31-year-old South African Disc Jockey and TV personality who, despite the struggles she faced while growing up, has managed to make good strides for herself in the industry. This SA DJ is best known for anchoring the music show LiveAmp on SABC1 every Friday.

In addition to her career, Holworthy is also a businesswoman and philanthropist thriving in her effort to make an impact in society. She is also known for her maddening turn-table skills. Even though she manages to keep a private life to an extent, her successes and prominence have made it unachievable.

Summary Of DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s Profile

  • Full name: Ntokozo Dlamini
  • Date of Birth: 12 June 1992
  • Age: 31
  • Place of Birth: Pretoria
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital Status: Khuli Chana
  • Children: None
  • Education: Boston Media House
  • Occupation: Disc jockey (DJ), TV personality
  • Years Active: 2013-present

DJ Lamiez’s Real Name Is Ntokozo Dlamini

Sometimes, the things we do can take over our names or give us a whole different name, especially when the effort starts to thrive. Talking about her real name, at birth, Lamiez’s parents gave her the name Ntokozo Dlamini, this is the name she bore and was known with until her successes carved a different name for her. The admired media face got her stage name, Lamiez Holworthy after her foundation, Lamiez Holworthy Foundation was found. This is a nonprofit organization basically designed to support orphanage homes and help families who are unable to provide for their basic needs. Founding such an organization is with no doubt a big feat for a young lady of her age. Thus, it took over her real name, adding to her career initial, DJ.

The Beautiful DJ Was Bullied in Her Early Years Because of Dual Ethnicity

Lamiez Holworthy was born on June 12, 1992, making her 31 years old. She has dual ethnicity because her father, Enver is a South African while her mother, Imelda Klow is Indian. Born into a family that shares love and supports one another, Holworthy got a handful of support from her family while growing up. She grew up with her parents and siblings in the Indian streets of Laudium. The DJ attended three primary schools. She first went to Andrew Anthony Primary School, from where she moved to Sunnyside and later on, Kwaggasrand Primary School. After that, she went to Pro Arte Alphen Park for grades 8 and 9, and then in 2009, she graduated from Laudiun secondary school.

The beautiful DJ had much passion for music all the time she was growing up which led her to get enrolled in Boston Media House in Sandton where she obtained a certificate in media studies in 2012. Being born into a family where the parents have two different cultures exposed to different religions, she remembers vividly how she was bullied by some of her friends and mates in the streets of India just because she was black. Lamiez found herself being denied her rights and opportunities, but she stayed put and determined to succeed. She struggled through those times and seasons of her life and that helped her in building up the confidence she has today.

Her Parents Are Very Supportive Of Her Endeavors

During an interview with True Love in 2019, the TV presenter mentioned that she came from a family that loves and cherishes each other. She lost her father, Enver in April 2019, and it took them over a year to mourn him before things got to their normal places for them again. However, the incidents surrounding the death of her father remain unclear. Her mother, Imelda Klow is still alive and in her mid-50s. Lamiez expressed that her mother has been very supportive of her and was the one who gave her the idea of becoming a DJ. On her social media pages, she always shares pictures that show how intimate she is with her mother and the good times they share together.

She Made Her First DJ Appearance When She Was Still in High School

After graduating from high school, Lamiez’s parents were not capable of sponsoring her in a tertiary institution because her father’s business crashed at the time and her mother’s financial strength was cut down. As a way to cheer her up from the thoughts of not going to college, her mother suggested that she start practicing music mix as a pastime. Without much ado, Holworthy started going out with her few friends who had the skills of music mixing. This is how she managed to learn since she couldn’t afford any formal training. According to Lamiez, her mother made her whole career a reality by buying her first DJ equipment and now serves as her manager.

Still an upcoming star in the media space, the celebrated DJ has her own unique styles when it comes to stage performance, making her a staple in many homes. Before she joined Showbiz in 2013, Holworthy had been a DJ behind the scenes for a couple of years. She made her first appearance as a DJ when she was still in high school by guest presenting a show on KMTV on Soweto TV, and later on LTD, a weekly program on Tshwane TV. After seven years of hard work, she landed her biggest role on SABC’s Live Amp.

The TV Star Had A Low Point in Her Career

A very interesting part of Lamiez’s career is the fact that her parents always got her back right from the early days. Their supportive measures, The DJ said, played a big role in getting her to this stage of admiration. The TV star bagged her first TV appearance on Tshwane TV as a host on the lifestyle show, Living the Dream. South Africans showered her with much love and admiration as a result of her unique style of performance on the stage.

Meanwhile, the admired DJ almost gave up at a point in her career. She got involved in a car accident while she was going for an audition for a role on SABC1 Live Amp. A few days after the accident, all her DJ equipment was stolen from her car. All these caused her to have second thoughts on continuing on the same career path. In an interview with True Love in 2009, Lamiez expressed how she was ready to throw in the towel during that ordeal.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy says
“I was ready to give up just before I got the Live Amp gig last year. I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. But then, God showed up for me when I got that all-important call.”

After the incident, she continued with auditions and was eventually spotted by SABC officials who liked her voice and offered to work with her throughout the Live Amp music show. This particular offer turned her into Mzansi’s hottest asset as regards disc jockeys and has remained her biggest career role so far. Against people’s thought that she is an overnight success, Lamiez maintained that it took her a lot of sacrifices and sweat to get to where she is now.

DJ Lamiez Holworthy Lives a Unique Lifestyle

The Live Amp presenter tries to live a private life but her prominence and successes seem to make things difficult. She is a biker and in 2018, she got herself a Harley (Davidson). She explained that she had always wanted a bike for herself and this is one of the things that make her unique. The DJ enjoys living unique and different lifestyles as she captioned one of her Instagram photos ”In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

Also known as “Tattooed Lady”, Lamiez is a fashion-conscious lady and changes her hairstyle regularly. She always comes out chic and edgy with the most swag and vibes you can ever think of. She sometimes wears her natural hair, and some other times tints it with a color of her choice. Here are some beautiful pictures of her hairstyles.

Lamiez is a Married Woman

Dj Lamiez is married to a South African musician/rapper, Khuli Chana. The two walked down the aisle in 2019 after a long time of dating. They have not had a child together but Khuli Chana has a daughter with his previous partner before meeting the DJ.

In November 2019, just after three months they met, Dj Lamiez and Khuli got married in a private wedding ceremony consisting only of both families and close friends. Though there are no details about how and where they met, the two were so in love with each other that they couldn’t wait to be together. The DJ took to her Instagram page to highlight just how much love she has experienced just for the short period she has known Khuli. The cute couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in November 2020.



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