Uorn Sambath: The Boy Who Lives With A Giant Snake

If you think having deadly animals and mingling with them is one of the one thousand ways to die, then you might want to meet this Cambodian Uorn Sambath.

OK, keeping a dangerous animal as a pet could mean taking too much risk since the wild animal will not only feel hurt trying to familiarize with its new environment, it might also cause distress to the environment as well as neighbours around who will think they are being put at risk. But this young man thinks wild frightening animals are the best pets to mingle with. He cuddles with a giant-size snake, sleeps with it, eats with it, and probably does his chores with it.

He even named the 220-pound python snake Chamroeun, which means “progress.” Their weird bond has turned the pair into a tourist attraction in their remote village. Anyway, the python hasn’t munched on anybody, it only eats chicken, about 22 pounds per week, which has become quite a financial strain to the family. But then they love that it stays and lives with them.

Who Is Uorn Sambath?

The name of the Cambodian boy in the video is Uorn Sambath. He is obsessed with snakes and has been living with a female Burmese python snake right from his childhood in the village of Setbo in Cambodia. He loves to play with his 16-foot-long python and sleep with it. Sambath’s mother, Kim Kannara says that before he was born, she dreamt of a snake that would come to protect them.

When Sambath was 3 months old, she discovered the reptile, coiled under the woven mat of their bed, about thumb sized then. His father, Khuorn Sam Ol, said he took away the snake and let it go into the wild, but two weeks later, he discovered the snake back in his house. They both made up their minds to let it stay with them and the python grew up along with the boy. His mother describes all this as a kind of movie.

Did you gawk at the way he lives compatible with this deadly animal that shouldn’t be kept at home? Let Us Know How You Felt While Watching The Video.

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