The Difficulties of Ursula Stolf’s Childhood, Her Rise to Fame and Facts About Her Husband 

Every lover of the show, Storage Wars would be familiar with Ursula Stolf. Her flair for selling, buying and picking up of rare artifacts landed her the role in the show in 2013 after producers noticed her success in the business line. Her performance on the show has caught good media attention, bringing her onto the spotlight.

Though she is not the only cast member of the show, Stolf’s specialty and skill as a negotiator has made her popular enough to become a person of public interest. We looked at the background and life that brought Ursula Stolf fame, starting with her difficult childhood.

Ursula Stolf Grew up Under a Violent Father

Every experience is a lesson and forms the foundation of the person we become, even if we did not know it at the time. This popular belief is at the heart of Ursula Stolf’s rise from an unknown woman to a reality TV star. Born on September 1, 1984, she is one of five girls born to her parents, whose identity remains unknown.

However, while we do not know who they are, their impact in her life is obvious for all to see. She spent her formative years in Rexdale county and was the subject of domestic and mental abuse from her father. Having a violent father is bad, but having one amid poverty is infinitely worse.

When her mother summoned the courage to divorce her father, Ursula and her sister became free of her father’s abuse. However, poverty lingered. Her mother raised her and her sisters in a housing commission apartment that had only one bathroom.

Ursula Stolf
Ursula, her mother, and siblings: image source

While facing her struggles as a child, Ursula resolved to make a future for herself vowing never to end up like her mother. After identifying quality education and hard work as her path out of her childhood misery, she studied vigorously.

After completing high school, she attended Niagara College, earning a degree in Education. Later, she headed to Mount St. Vincent’s University, for Masters in Education. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from York University and as well as a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources from Humber College.

Hitting Fame on Storage Wars and an Early Career as a Teacher

An extensive academic background as an educator made teaching an ideal profession for Ursula Stolf. So, for a while, she worked as a teacher. She began working as a Social Sciences and Special Education teacher in January 2009, in the York Catholic School District.

But the importance of hard work and financial independence she learned from her childhood years did not leave her. As a result, Ursula was on the lookout for a side business opportunity.

It inevitably led her to buy the contents of abandoned storage containers. Intrigued and interested, she started Ursula’s Looker Loot, a downtown store in Toronto where she sold her finds from said containers. She also created a website to give her business an online presence and a marketing edge.

The move proved successful. Not just because Ursula’s business thrived, but because she drew the attention of the producers of the hit US reality TV show, Storage Wars. In the search for its first international spinoff, Ursula Stolf joined the cast of the show, in 2013. Like the US equivalent, the show documented her competition against fellow storage raiders for high-valued goods.

She was the most educated personality on the show, and her negotiation skills proved even more formidable. A rivalry with a cast member, Cindy Hayden, resulted in the nickname, The Knockout, in recognition of her determination and skill.

Ursula Stolf began appearing on Storage Wars Canada in 2013 and has developed a cult following from viewers of the show. She has also appeared in a couple episodes of the spinoff, Storage Wars: Northern Treasures, and featured in an episode of Katie Chats.

Ursula Stolf has Earned a Huge Following and a Significant Net Worth

Her rapid rise as a popular figure on Storage Wars has made Ursula one of Canada’s celebrities. On social media, where she has a significant presence across Twitter and Instagram, she has a combined 46 thousand-plus followers. On Facebook, she has more than 4,600 likes.

Ursula’s popularity is not only buoyed by her bubbly and intelligent personality but also the show’s reception. The show which airs on OLN Canada has thousands of fans who have become dedicated fans of the show. Yet to match the popularity of its US counterpart, Storage Wars Canada has spanned more than seven years on air, with modest success.

In turn, Stolf, who still works as a teacher, has benefited from the show’s fame, not just in terms of her popularity, but also materially. She has amassed an estimated net worth of north of $800,000, earned from being a cast member of the show, her Ursula Looker Loot business, and her income as a teacher. She once notably sold an accordion for $5000 from a container she bought for $150.

Aside from teaching, reality TV, and running her locker business, Ursula, going by her LinkedIn page is also a personal fashion stylist and consultant. She began the role in January 2015 and has an appointment-only business model. She also has an account on the celebrity video messages website, Cameo, where fans pay her to make personalized videos.

What We Know About Her Husband, Mike

Unarguably, only a few people who fell in love at a noticeably young age end up getting married. Well, Ursula Stolf is one of the few lucky ones who ended up with their first love. She met and fell in love with a man named Mike while she was in grade 10. There, the two began their relationship, which eventually led to marriage.

Mike and Ursula dated throughout their teenage years, and in their early 20s, he put a ring on her finger. Though the details of their engagement and wedding are currently unavailable, we are quite certain that she is off the market.

Other than the fact her husband is named Mike, and from evidence, is a huge supporter of his wife, there are little details about him. Other personal details worth learning about the Storage Wars Canada star includes the fact she does not take alcohol and has plans to get her Ph.D. someday. She and her husband also do not have any children.


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