Payback: Russia Suspends Anti-Conflict Agreement With US Over Missile Strikes

US-Russia Deconfliction Line– Russia has reportedly suspended the anti-conflict agreement with the United States on Syrian intervention.

The agreement ensured that Russian and US operations in Syria do not clash.

US military pilots have attested that the US-Russia deconfliction line has helped to keep them safe. It helps fighter-pilots of both countries not to get in each others ways during operations in Syria.

As a staunch ally to the Syrian government, Russia has taken offense in the recently launched US missile strikes on Syrian Al-Shayrat military airbase. Russia says the recent Trump strikes has “seriously damaged US-Russia relations”.

The announcement of suspending the anti-conflict agreement signals a sort of declaration of war between America and Russia.

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Reports on the missile strikes reveal that the US military in honor of the US-Russia deconfliction line informed Russia of their plans.

So the question for Russia is why they claim to be a strong Syrian ally but failed to avert the explosion especially when they have the necessary infrastructures to do so.

The sudden twist of events between President Trump and Vladimir Putin is indeed a surprise for people who strongly suspected the two would become best of allies in world leadership.

In crystal clear language, US officials are accusing Russia of aiding the havoc in Syria by protecting the interest of President Assad.

Russia’s presence in Syria has been controversial. Vladimir deployed troops to Syria to supposedly fight ISIS but over time it has found that the troops were most importantly there to shield President Assad.

It is worthy to note that the 6-year old Syrian war started from a protest against the leadership of President Assad who took over from his father.

The Russian government condemned the “warning shot” of the United States calling it an act of aggression and a violation of international laws since it had no endorsement from the US government and the United Nations.

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Russia has released a statement, courtesy of spokesman Igor Konashenkov. It says that the government will take up the refurbishing of the destroyed Syrian infrastructures.

It went on to accuse the United States of aiding ISIS with the recent Al-Shayrat military airbase destruction.

“In order to protect the most sensitive objects of the Syrian infrastructure, a system of measures to bolster and increase the effectiveness of the Syrian armed forces’ air defense systems will be implemented,”  

“If before it was due to the task of combating terrorism, now there is a clear act of aggression against a sovereign Syria. US Actions taken today further destroy the Russian-American relations.”

Concurring with the statement, Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee, condemned the US demonstrative strikes.

“In one way or another, Russian cruise missiles continue to strike terrorists, and American ones strike government forces which, in fact, lead the war against terrorists.”

Thus in reaction to Trump’s strikes Putin has officially stated that henceforth, the US-Russia deconfliction line will be disregarded during Syrian operations.