Kenya's Health Ministry: U.S. To Suspend Aid Over Corruption Claims

The government of the United States has reportedly put its aid to Kenya’s Health Ministry on halt due to claims of corruption. This was announced by the embassy of the United States in Kenya on Tuesday.

The embassy added that this suspension of aid to the Kenyan Ministry of Health does not include The US’ support for HIV drugs and other health programs outside of the Health Ministry.

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“We took this step because of ongoing concern about reports of corruption and weak accounting procedures at the Ministry,” the statement from the embassy said. “We are working with the Ministry on ways to improve accounting and internal controls.”

The United States supports Kenya’s health sector with more than $650 million dollars in aid yearly.

Corruption is a big issue that has plagued Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government. In October 2016, a report based on an audit showed that Kenya’s Health Ministry was unable to account for about $49 million which was allocated for the funding of free maternity care. The report showed that the funds had been used up corruptively, not in the least for its initial purpose of funding free maternity care in Kenya.

“The ministry has been raising matters raised in the internal audit investigations following the Quality Assurance audit by the National Treasury,” a statement by the ministry read, regarding the corruption reports.

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“Other autonomous institutions … are undertaking independent investigations.”

corruption has teaken a harsh toll on the health of average Kenyans who cannot afford private hospital treatments or medical trips abroad. By losing funds to corruption, basic health equipmentents, medication and tools are often lacking, thereby causing a detriment to the health of patients who visit these hospitals.

Kenyans head to the polls in August where President Uhuru Kenyatta plans to extend his rule for another five years.