The USB Condom Is The New Way Of Protecting Your Device From Malware While Charging

Just like actual condoms protect a person from the not so great aspects of sexual activity like STDs or unwanted pregnancies, the USB condom is an innovation that protects phones and other electronic devices from malware and viruses while charging.

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USB ports are vital to our electronic devices; we use them to transfer data to or from computers or to top up on battery. In doing these vital activities, however, USB ports are an easy gateway for malware and other nasty viruses and our electronic devices do not do so well with nasty viruses.

Let us acquaint you with the USB condom: a protective device for your electronic devices that can be plugged to the end of a USB cable which allows electricity to flow through but prevents data from being transferred or accessed. In Africa where electricity is not stable, or for that matter, constant, it is a normal sight to look for charging ports to hook up to, so this is especially helpful.

USB Condom

People who are acquainted with the USB condom seem to be fascinated with it and why not? If you have had a virus screw up the workings of your device, you probably would too.

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You can cop a two pack USB condom attachment on Amazon at a cost of $12.49 and if you travel regularly, they have been praised as being able to cut down the risk of contracting viruses when a device is plugged into public USB ports or a computer that the user cannot vouch for. The maker of the device, PortaPow, also claims that it can speed up charging by up to four times.

It is also possible to make one for yourself if you do not want to buy. You can check out detailed instructions on how to do just that here. Enjoy your virus-free charging.