Valentine Blues: Kenyan Man Accuses Wife Of Cheating, Chops Off Own Penis

Valentine’s Day, the widely acclaimed day of love was hardly lovely for this Kenyan couple.

Duncan Moseti who accused his wife, Margaret Achieng of cheating with his brother tried to slice off her breasts after chopping off his own penis on Valentine’s Day. He tried to cut off her breasts while she was asleep but she felt chest pains only to wake up to realize what her husband had planned on doing.

“At around 3am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest. On checking, I saw my husband cutting my breast using a knife. I pushed him away and screamed for help. He then threatened to kill our baby and chop off his private parts.”

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As the neighbors in Kijango village, Thika came rushing in to help, they found Moseti in his own blood with his chopped off penis thrown outside. they were also in shock, as a neighbor reported;

“We were shocked by the act since they have been living in peace. There has never been any sign of domestic violence since they came here early this month,” the neighbor named Lydia Mwikali said.

Moseti’s brother, George Bosire who has been accommodating the couple denied the allegations laid against him.

“The allegations are malicious and mere propaganda. It is a taboo in my culture to sleep with my brother’s wife. I only wanted to help them as family members to start life here in Thika when I invited them to come over,” he told the Standard Daily

Both Moseti and Achieng are currently undergoing medical recuperation at Thika level V hospital. However, Moseti’s condition is more critical.

A doctor at the hospital told NTV; “He chopped off his manhood completely. He is currently at the theater undergoing reconstructive surgery.”

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