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Valeria Orsini is a well-recognized swimsuit, lingerie and fitness model who has worked with a few top fashion brands and has helped hundreds of thousands of people – if not millions, to stay fit and healthy through her fitness routines and programs which she shares regularly via her social media handles.

She is also known to share several other information with her fans and followers which has helped her acquire millions of followers over the years.

Valeria Orsini’s Biography (Age)

Valeria Orsini was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 1990. She was born into a multicultural home, as her mother is of Columbian descent, while her father has a mixed heritage of being Puerto Rican and Italian.

She has decided to keep most of her early years’ information private and has not been known to have ever disclosed such information to the public. Information about her parents – their names, what they were like, etc, has been kept secret. We do not also readily have information about her siblings – except for an older sister called Keren, who she mentioned got married sometime in June 2013 to her husband named Oscar. Valeria was the chief bridesmaid at the ceremony. Besides this, she has not made mention of any other siblings, perhaps when the occasion calls for it, she will make the revelation much the same way she did via her social media handle for her sister Keren’s wedding.

Valeria Orsini’s parents moved from her birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia when she was two years, to Miami, Florida – also in the United States – where she spent most of her childhood and teenage years. She took to physical training and activities at a very young age and was busy working out at the gym – lifting weights and running, to keep fit.

There is hardly any information available about Valeria’s early education – such as her elementary and high schools attended, but it was revealed that she got admission into the Keiser University, Florida, where she majored in Occupational Therapy.

A lot happened for Valeria Orsini in between her time in high school and her first year in the university. Firstly, after having spent some years of her life being actively involved in physical fitness routines and activities, she decided to start sharing her fitness activities and work out routines with others via her social media handles and website. In no time, she had become an internet fitness sensation and had garnered a lot of followers who used her fitness videos and routines shared online, to fulfill their own desire and need to stay fit and in shape as well.

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Valeria also began giving nutrition and dieting tips to her ever-growing followers on social media to complement their workout regimes and routines to help them achieve the phenomenal results that she has attained in developing that perfect, well toned and an hourglass shape that most women desire. By this time of her life, she had become a fitness coach and instructor and was regarded as a fitness guru by all of her fans and followers.

As Valeria Orsini got into the first year of her studies in the university, and as her fitness program continued to tone her body into perfection, she began to post her pictures on social media – particularly on Instagram, which got her more followers and fans, as well as some professional admirers. She was advised by a photographer friend to consider going into full-time modeling, as she had the perfect body that professional models were required to possess. She took up this offer and began to model professional for some designer brands, appearing in major magazines and advertising campaigns. She later began modeling for Swimsuit and Lingerie brands, which she still does till date.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Valeria – the incredible, well toned, sexy goddess (as some of her fans call her) has a very impressive body. The busty model is 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall and weighs about 57 kilograms (126 lb). She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and her bust-waist-hips measurement is given as 34-24-34, all in inches.

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Other Facts About Valeria Orsini

• Valeria has a very impressive presence on social media platforms. She has about 4.2 million followers on Instagram, who mostly follow her fitness routines and programs, while some probably enjoy watching her several photos which she shares regularly. She has about 472,000 followers on Facebook and about 144,000 followers on Twitter.

• The fitness enthusiast speaks two languages perfectly – Spanish and English languages. She also regularly gives relationship advice and tips on her social media handles, as well as diet and nutrition tips.

• Valeria Orsini has put in a lot of hard work into her career, and it seems to be paying off for her now. She has always believed that one should monetize one’s passion and gifts, and she has done this herself and has gathered a net worth of about $1 million.

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