A Peek Into Valeria Orsini’s Rise to Prominence as a Fitness Model and Other Facts About Her

In a world of Instagram modeling- which has never been in short supply of alluring and beautiful girls – Valeria Orsini has set herself apart by also excelling as a fitness trainer. Having first risen to fame and scored a couple of sponsorship deals with top fashion brands on the wave of several steamy and hot pics which she posted on her handle, Orsini decided to share her passion for healthy living with others and the results have been phenomenal.

Her top-notch and effective workout routines and programs have fetched her even more followers on Instagram and YouTube. She has also been motivated her to set up her own thriving empire of fitness-related products as many now look to her to help them achieve not only their dream bodies but also feel confident, strong, and beautiful.

A Chance Photoshoot Was Valeria Orsini’s Route To The World of Modeling

Prior to making a name as a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Valeria Orsini first gained fame as a glamour model on Instagram and her journey to that status can be traced back to her early years. The Instagram hottie was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 1990. Her nationality is American while ancestry is mixed, comprising of Columbian, Puerto Rican, and Italian ethnicities.

Orsini spent the first two years of her life in Atlanta. Her family subsequently relocated to Miami and she got to grow up amongst the city’s exotic beaches. It was during one of her beach hangouts that Valeria Orsini accidentally stumbled upon a Maxim casting being held at South Beach. She made to leave but those conducting the casting were taken in by her beautiful looks and stunning physique. They asked her to participate in the shoot and two months later, those particular set of pictures found their way into Maxim USA.

She Has Become One of Instagram’s Well-Known Glamour Models

This fairy tale story marked the beginning of Valeria Orsini’s modeling career and she has yet to look back since then. The Miami native has appeared in magazines such as Maxim Latino, Playboy, Latin Mix Calendar, Nine5Four Magazine, and Lifestyle. She has also walked the runway for brands such as Lace to Lust. Additionally, Valeria Orsini has also tapped the power of the internet to improve her visibility. Using her Valeria_Orsini handle, she usually shares sultry and racy pictures of herself in skimpy outfits.

These outfits normally come in the shape of bikinis that expertly show off her ‘assets’ and has fetched her about 4.2 million followers on Instagram. She also has about 472,000 followers on Facebook and about 144,000 followers on Twitter. All these numbers have not escaped the notice of brands who are looking to promote their products and as such, Orsini has scored deals with the likes of Gabriel Samra Hair salon, H&M, Lotus Couture Boutique, HappyTea, and Best Miami Tan.

A Look At Her Strides As a Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur

Valeria Orsini is not just looking to dazzle people with her stunning looks but is also committed to helping others achieve a beautiful and confident look. The model first took an interest in staying fit during her days as a teenager growing up in Miami. She also took to strenuous physical activities such as rock climbing, slap boxing, riding bikes, and even fought in MMA.

She kept at this throughout her growing up years and expanded her repertoire to weightlifting, Muay Thai, and yoga. All these exercises helped her to get into the best shape of her life (a well-toned and hourglass figure) and she was motivated to become a certified fitness trainer as well as a sports nutritionist.

The Miami native is now committed to sharing her wealth of expertise with the world. Using her YouTube channel known as It’s For Real, Orsini holds online workout classes for her subscribers every Sunday. Her classes are simple and fun and enable people to not only get into shape but live a healthy life filled with energy. This fact has made her a notable fitness expert and she has gone ahead to set up two companies in this regard.

The first is Body by Orsini Slimming Patches. This is worn under clothings and helps people burn belly fats. It contains natural ingredients such as capsaicin, sophoricoside, Salicornia, catechin, and caffeine, and works by burning belly fat, cutting inches, boosting energy, and reducing bloating. The patches are said to jumpstarts one’s metabolism. It also suppresses one’s appetite thus naturally leading to a safe and effective weight loss.

Another company that Valeria Orsini has founded is SuperFitBabes.com. The enterprise was borne out of her desire to provide a line of athleisure wear that not only helps women look fashionable during the toughest of workouts but actually supports them to go as hard as they can possibly go with a suitable material. SuperFitBabes.com now carries high-performance fabrics from Colombia as well as Brazil.

How Valeria Orsini Got Her Enviable Body Physique

Valeria Orsini, the incredible, well-toned, and sexy goddess (as some of her fans call her) has a very impressive body. The busty model is 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall and weighs about 57 kilograms (126 lb). She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and her hour-glass body comes encased is a figure measuring 34-24-34, all in inches.

Many fans want to know the secret behind Orsini’s shape but we must stress that there is no magic formula involved. The model ensures that she works out consistently and also eats healthy. Additionally, she resorts to tough workouts such as Muaythai, a Thai combat sport that uses different parts of the body for strengthening and conditioning. Another thing that Orsini swears by is squats as it helps one to achieve proper form and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Finally, the model may work out consistently but she switches up her routines in order to serve her purpose for that very moment. For instance, if her goal is to look leaner for a fitness photoshoot, she will focus on between 45 minutes to one hour of daily cardio and then weight training. She will also do high reps with low weight to both burn and sculpt. These new training styles not only help Orsini achieve her desired shape but also prevents her muscles from getting used to the same old thing.

What We Know About Her Relationship and Family Life

Valeria Orsini has decided to keep most aspects of her personal life private. She has never been romantically linked with anybody and as such, we cannot conclusively state whether she is single or perhaps seeing someone in private. Orsini’s reluctance to share information about herself also extends to her family background. Apart from her parents’ ethnicities, she has not shared details such as names.

We only know that she has an older sister named Keren. Keren got married sometime in June 2013 to her husband named Oscar and Valeria was the chief bridesmaid at the ceremony. Besides this tidbit, the model has not made mention of any other siblings. Perhaps when the occasion calls for it, she will make the revelation much the same way she disclosed her sister’s wedding via her social media handle.

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