Valeria Wasserman – Bio, Age, Facts About Noam Chomsky’s Wife

Valeria Wasserman, a Southern American born is an avid language translator, a versed legal practitioner, and entrepreneur. All through her life, she had maintained her privacy till she became the second wife of Naom Chomsky, a renowned connoisseur of linguistics who is widely regarded as the father of Modern Linguistics. Wasserman has provided her services to many reputable companies, as an Analyst, a Legal Assistant and as a language Translator, none of these portfolios projected her to world stage like her status as the wife of Naom Chomsky. Let’s give you a peek into the bio, age, and facts you need to know about Universidade Federal Fluminense alumna.

Valeria Wasserman – Bio (Age)

The exact date Luisa Valeria Wasserman was born is not known but reliable media source believe that she must have been born sometime in 1963, in a Brazillian town. As expected, there are no records in the public domain that gives us a glimpse to her formative years, family background and educational progress.

That notwithstanding, it is known that she attended Universidade Federal Fluminense where she majored in Law, prior to enrolling in Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro where she studied English and Portuguese languages.

Her career kicked off after her law school graduation in 1986, two years after, she became certified as a language translator in 1988. She began to work in different law firms as a legal practitioner but she felt she needed more knowledge hence Valeria Wasserman sought enrolled for a course at her former school Universidade de Sao Paulo. She left law firm duties to enroll in the Capital market analysis.


Wasserman’s first shot as a legal practitioner was in 1992 when Unibanco, a famous Brazilian bank hired her as an investment analyst. The Bank has long merged into Banko Italu since 2009. After she spent three years in her first job, in 1995, she moved her services to Corey R. Cutler, a law firm where she served as a legal claims assistant. Her next job as a legal practitioner was at Ralph A. Donabed, where she spent about eight months mining her trade as a legal assistant.

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The career woman took a well deserved two years to break from work before she took up an appointment with a software company known as Intentia in 1999. Valeria’s new company provided services like an asset, relationship management training, as well as supply chain management. With her days in Intentia done, she diversified her skill to publication and writing sector, working for National Association of Magazine Publishers as a Director’s assistant between October 2001 and October 2003. In a bid to own her own business, the wife of Noam Chomsky established an LLC in Boston.

Facts About Noam Chomsky’s Wife


After abdicating her position as an assistant to the director of the National Association of Magazine Publishers in 2003, she took a long career break of three years. During her hiatus, she went in search of a viable and lucrative business to invest. In July 2006, she founded and launched Little Faces LLC, in Boston Massachusetts, unfortunately, the business is no longer functional and the reason for its collapse is unknown.

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Net Worth

The Brazillian woman has had a long career as a legal practitioner, businesswoman and as a translator; she reportedly earned $20.11 per hour as a translator. Though her net worth isn’t known, her husband is said to worth $5 million.

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She is married to a Celebrity Husband

Valeria Wasserman
Valeria Wasserman with husband Naom Chomsky image source

If not for Valeria Wasserman’s marriage with Naom Chomsky, perhaps, she would never be so famous. Valeria Wasserman and Naom Chomsky got married in 2004.

Before Chomsky’s marriage to Valeria, he was formerly married to Carol Doris Schatz, they were said to have wedded in 1949 and their marriage blossomed for fifty-nine years until the cold hands of death snatched Doris away from him in 2008. Before she died, she birthed three kids with Naom Chomsky. Their first child (daughter), named Aviva was born in 1957 and was followed by another daughter, Diane who was born in 1960. Their last child and an only son named Harry was born in 1967.

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Naom is an Ashkenazi Jewish-American linguist, philosopher, logician, social justice advocate and a political commentator who is famed for his versatility in Linguistics which has earned him the moniker – the father of modern linguistics. At the early age of 16, he was already in the University where he studied linguistics, mathematics, and philosophy. He bagged his second degree in 1951 and earned his doctorate in transformational grammar from Harvard in 1955. He is a gentleman to the core.

A Career As A Translator

Val Wasserman went into language translation in 2009 with ArtVentures Cultural Projects and Translations. The establishment offers a common platform for all artists to communicate with one another, it brings together the translators who wish to be hired as well as writers who seek the services of translators.

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