Valerie Chaney – Bio, Family, Facts About Pete Holmes’ Wife

Just as the saying goes, ‘behind every successful man, there is a powerful woman’, Valerie Chaney has seemly been the propeller for Pete Holmes’ cruising ship, since the two began a loving relationship in 2014. Pete Holmes who has encountered remarkable success in his career as an outstanding comedian has embraced his comedic talent in many television shows, TV series, and movies. He is also famously known as the host of the popular podcast titled, You Made It Weird where he discusses topics on comedy, sexuality, and religion. The highly skilled comic artist has also earned a good fortune from his comedy tours and TV shows. Holmes has grown to be loved by many as his self-titled YouTube channel has assembled over 400, 000 subscribers.

Having been married to such a beauty with a most charming personality, Pete Holmes is obviously in a safe haven after being wrecked by his previous relationship, as his wife, Valerie Chaney has been described as one of the coolest, smartest and most down to earth people on the planet. Discover more interesting details about Pete Holmes’ significant half below.

Valerie Chaney’s Biography

Although Chaney has been described as one of the most down to earth people on the planet, she ought to be awarded for being one of the most secretive people on earth as there is no information about her personal details on the media. She has not let out any information regarding her place of birth, parents, siblings, childhood, educational achievements and her career as well. That said, we have been able to gather that the gorgeous wife of the highly skilled comedian was born on the 28th of February 1989. Chaney who leads a private life sometimes does share some posts on social media as she seems to be active on Instagram and Twitter.

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Facts About Pete Holmes’ Wife

Valerie Chaney’s Relationship with Pete Holmes

According to Chaney’s husband who had shed some light on his love life on social media, the duo kicked off a romantic affair in the year 2014 but succeeded in eluding it from the public. However, in October 2015, Pete Holmes revealed his affair with his lady, Valerie Chaney. Well, it’s good to note that Chaney wasn’t the first lady in Holmes’ life as the stand-up comedian has previously been married to Becca whom he stayed married to for 6 years. Holmes later got separated from his wife at the age of 28 and has cited his wife’s extramarital affair as the reason for the marriage annulment. Having his wounds soothed by Chaney’s charming personality, Pete Holmes took a heavy step in his relationship in 2017, as he moved on to tie the knot with his beau after dating for three years.

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Chaney’s Participation in Real Girl

According to Valerie Chaney’s close pal, the beautiful wife of Pete Holmes works with Real Girl. Chaney has been rendering her services at the non-profit organisation called Real Girl, which is dedicated to inspire and guide girls age 9-16 to discover their REAL (authentic) selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, and courage they need to consistently make informed life choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect, and strength.


Valerie Chaney
Valerie Chaney and family

Valerie Chaney is married to a multi-talented stand-up comedian who has also carried out some works as a writer, producer, actor, and podcaster. Holmes has masterminded several TV series such as Outsourced aired on NBC and I Hate My Teenage Daughter, aired on Fox, with the latter being canceled in 2012. He has also produced TV shows which focused on his life and comedic career, which includes The Pete Holmes Show, Crashing and others.

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Serving as the host of his popular podcast, You Made It Weird, Pete Holmes has featured celebrity guests like Judd Apatow, Aziz Ansari, and John Mulaney. Valerie Chaney’s husband has made appearances in numerous movies and TV series such as I Am Road Comic, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Don’t Think Twice, Mulaney, among others. In addition to his endeavors, Holmes has penned down a book entitled, Comedy Sex God which he published in May 2019.

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Pete Holmes’ wife welcomed her adorable daughter, Lila Jane in September 2018. The family of three often spends time together and the couple also shares their family moment with their social media fans. Pete Holmes who often refer to his wife as ‘Sweet Lady Val’ is obviously enjoying a nuptial bliss together with the love of his life, Valerie Chaney.

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