Vanessa Angel Movies and TV Shows Ranked From Best to Worst 

Vanessa Angel may not be a household name in Hollywood but she has certainly played some unforgettable roles over the years. One of her most notable characters is as Lisa, a computer-generated woman who teaches two geeks about social communications, on the TV series Weird Science. The British actress also portrayed the memorable role of a trophy girlfriend with a heart of gold in the popular 1996 sports comedy, Kingpin. Read on to know more about Vanessa Angel movies as we have ranked some of her best movies and TV shows from best to worst.

Vanessa Angel Movies and TV Shows

1. Saving Grace

Saving Grace is a TNT crime/drama series which premiered in 2007. The series focuses on Grace, an alcoholic and promiscuous detective based in Oklahoma City that experiences a gradual spiritual awakening after an encounter with a tobacco-spitting Angel named earl. Saving Grace ran from 2007 to 2010 and the actress appeared in a 2009 episode titled The Heart of a Cop. The series has a score of 73% and 67% on Metacritic.

2. King of New York

King of New York is a 1990 neo-noir crime thriller directed by Abel Ferrara. It follows Frank White, a drug kingpin who embarks on a quest to regain control of his criminal empire after he is released from prison. The paradoxical White ruthlessly dispatches his enemies whilst using his money to benefit the less-privileged in the society. King of New York is one Vanessa Angel movie that proves that she is very talented as the British actress played the role of a female bodyguard.

3. Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses preaches a socially-conscious message. The 2001 drama is based on the ‘justice for janitors campaign’ staged by the Service Employees International Union. The movie follows a young Mexican woman, Maya, who crosses the border into the United States to join her sister, Rosa. Both sisters work as janitors in big corporations and later galvanize their peers in order to fight for better benefits. The film was directed by Ken Loach and featured the likes of Pilar Padilla, Adrien Brody, and Elpidia Carrillo. It was a critical success and was nominated for the highest prize, The Palme D’or, at the Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, it holds a score of 67% on rotten tomatoes and 57% on Metacritic.

4. Californication

Californication is a comedy/drama series that premiered on the Showtime network in 2007. The series follows the escapades of a New York novelist, Hank Moody, who relocates to Los Angeles when one of his books lands a movie deal. In L.A., Moody dabbles into drug abuse, drinking and womanizing which threaten his relationship with his daughter as well as his long-term lover.

Californication ran from 2007 to 2014 and Vanessa Angel appeared in one episode of the series in 2012. The series has a rating of 57% on rotten tomatoes and 64% on Metacritic.

5. Kingpin

Vanessa Angel
Angel on the set of Kingpin image source

Kingpin is one of the many Vanessa Angel movies that will inspire you. The film is a 1996 sports comedy about a promising bowling champion named Roy who loses his hand in an attack staged by his arch-rival. Roy turns into an alcoholic but is inspired to turn his life around after meeting an Amish bowling enthusiast named Quaid. Kingpin featured the likes of Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid while Vanessa Angel portrayed Roy’s love interest, Claudia. The film has a score of 50% on rotten tomatoes and 43% on Metacritic.

6. Enemies of Laughter

Enemies of laughter is a 2000 romantic comedy directed by Joey Travolta. The movie is about a cynical middle-aged comedy writer named Paul who mainly works in television. Paul once dreamt of becoming a great playwright but gave up after a disastrous debut outing. His dreams are later revived by a director who not only loves him but wants to stage his play.

Enemies of Laughter featured David Paymer and Rosalind Chao while Vanessa Angel had the supporting role of Jennifer. The film has a rating of 57% on rotten tomatoes and 47% on Metacritic.

7. Entourage

Entourage is a HBO comedy/drama series which premiered in 2004. The series revolves around Vincent Chase, a young man from Queens who becomes a movie star. Vincent’s boyhood pals relocate with him to Hollywood and proceed to milk his fame for all its worth. Entourage ran from 2004 to 2011 and Vanessa Angel appeared in one episode of the show in 2005. The series has a rating of 66% on rotten tomatoes and 68% on Metacritic. It also received numerous awards during its eight-year run, including the 2008 Peabody Award.

8. Weird Science

Vanessa Angel
Angel on the set of Weird Science image source

Weird Science is an American TV sitcom based on a 1985 movie of the same name. The series revolves around two high school geeks who have difficulties relating with girls. They resort to creating their dream girl, via a computer program, in order to practice communicating with girls. Things take an unexpected turn when a bolt of lightning brings the computer lady, Lisa, to life. The lady proceeds to assist them and becomes a big sister to them.

Weird Science ran from 1994 to 1998 and Vanessa Angel was a series regular, portraying the role of Lisa. The TV series has a rating of 46% on Metacritic.

9. Hall Pass

Hall Pass is a 2011 comedy about two best friends who are restless in their respective marriages. In order to revitalize their unions, their wives grant them the freedom to do whatever they want for a whole week. The men are initially ecstatic but soon discover that the realities of single life do not live up to their expectations.

Hall Pass featured Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson with Vanessa Angel playing the role of Missy. The movie has a score of 33% on rotten tomatoes and 45% on Metacritic.

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10. Spies like Us

Vanessa Angel
Angel on the set of the 1985 movie, Spies like Us image source

The worst project on this list of Vanessa Angel movies is Spies like Us, a 1985 comedy film set in the cold war period. The film revolves around two inept intelligence agents who believe that they are prime secret agent materials. They keep on failing their exams and instead of being booted out, are sent on a supposedly important mission to Pakistan. This mission, however, turns out to be a decoy in order to throw the Russians off the scent of the agents with an important assignment. Spies Like Us featured Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase while Vanessa Angel played the role of a soviet soldier. The film has a rating of 32% on rotten tomatoes and 22% on Metacritic.

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