Vannessa Borge’s Remarkable Rise to Fame as a Journalist and the Gist on Her Love Life

Vannessa Borge is an award-winning American journalist and news anchor who always has a way of keeping her audience glued to the television whenever she’s on air. She is currently associated with KKTV Channel, an affiliate of FOX News in Los Angeles, California, where she anchors the show, Good Day L.A.

As a professional journalist, Borge has previously showcased her unique talent in reporting and news anchorage at CBS News4 TV station, where she spent nine years of her career working as a producer, reporter, and news anchor. Throughout her career, the beautiful news anchor has attained notable achievements as she has gone ahead to clinch an Emmy Award based on her distinguished reporting skill.

Growing up on the Sandy Beaches of Miami

The award-winning news anchor was born in Miami, Florida, the United States on the 4th of February 1987. She grew up in Southern Florida alongside her dad, who is of Cuban ethnicity, her mom as well as an older brother. Regarding her education, Vanessa Borge completed her high school diploma at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, South Miami.

She thereafter attended the University of Florida, Gainesville, and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism in 2008. Even though there is not much information about what Borge’s college days looked like, it would interest you to know that she graduated with the highest possible honor at that level, Summa Cum Laude.

Her Nine-Year Stint at CBS Miami

Given the brilliant result that she made in college, Vannessa Borge scored her first job in January 2009. This was as an assignment desk editor at CBS News4 in Miami and from there, she quickly rose through the ranks to become an associate producer. In this capacity, she produced the network’s evening programs, which run from 5 pm to 11 pm, as well as their morning show.

Following her extraordinary work ethics, Vannessa Borge was promoted to work as a reporter for the channel. She served as a traffic reporter for the Network’s morning program, titled This Morning. She also worked as their weekend newscaster, anchoring mostly the Saturday and Sunday evening news.

Overall, Vannessa Borge spent a total of nine years at CBS News4, during which she became the darling of TV viewers all over the city of Miami. She further gained publicity by taking on a side-gig as a reporter and anchor at WOID News radio station.

Seeking Fresh Challenges at KKTV Los Angeles

After nine fruitful years at CBS News4, Vanessa Borge sought for fresh career challenges. This prompted her to cast her net far and wide and she landed a spot in L.A. in April 2018. The Miami native is currently working at KKTV Channel in Los Angeles, California, an affiliate TV station of FOX News Network and she serves as one of the anchors of their news show, Good Day L.A.

Good Day L.A. is a morning news and entertainment program which runs for about 6 hours, 4 am to 10 am, every weekday. During this period, Borge and her co-anchors cover general news stories, happenings in the entertainment world as well as traffic and weather segments. They also conduct studio interviews with celebrity guests ranging from local personalities, movie stars, athletes, and musicians.

Away from her work at KKTV, Vannessa Borge also serves as a contributor to a bi-monthly free magazine in Florida called Directions Magazine. Furthermore, the Miami native is a talented emcee and has hosted multiple social events and fundraisers for different charity organizations. They include The United States Conference on AIDS, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and The American Heart Association Gala.

The Highs and Lows of Her Career thus Far

Vannessa Borge is one lady who has experienced several highs in her career. She has a solid reputation as an extraordinary journalist and has become a well-beloved figure in cities such as Los Angeles and Miami. She has also scored earned accolades including an Emmy award which she bagged during her time at CBS News 4 Miami. Borge’s career has however not come without a few missteps.

For instance, The Good Day L.A. anchor once caught some flak online for an unenlightened comment that she made during one of her interview segments. Back in October 2018, Borge had hosted a k-pop band known as NCT 127, on her show. During the interview, she asked one of their members, named Mark Lee, where he was from and the young man replied that he was a native of Canada. The discussion continued and after a while, Borge remarked that she loved Mark’s English as it was very awesome.

This remark drew ire on the internet as many wondered why she would be surprised by the fact that someone who is from Canada, an English-speaking country, would know how to speak the language quite well. Some online comments cheekily suggested that Mark should perhaps have spoken moose or poutine (a signature Canadian dish consisting of cheese and gravy) or maple syrup instead.

The Enviable Relationship She has with Her Boyfriend

Vanessa Borge is currently in a loving relationship with Chris Paul Borgo, a Miami native with a well-toned physique that would have you assuming that he is a model. The love birds met for the first time in 2015 and the following year, they publicly announced their relationship. Since then, they have gone ahead to display their affection for each other in the loved-up photos they upload on social media.

The pair normally spend quality time together as they sometimes go on vacation. They are also fun-seekers who love to attend parties once they have the time to do so. It is quite obvious that the famous journalist and her beau are romantically connected to each other. With the way things are going between them, it will come as no surprise hearing their wedding bells any time soon.

Meanwhile, Borge’s boyfriend is a fitness and health enthusiast who is involved with companies such as Vita Coco and Speedworx. Vita Coco is a natural sports drink that is packed with electrolytes and nutrients. It consists of natural coconut water and has grown to become a premium lifestyle drink since it was launched in 2004.

Another organization that Paul is involved with is Speedworx Athletics. This is a unique sports performance training center that uses strength and speed to enhance all areas of athletic performance. Packed with high intensity and comprehensive conditioning programs, Speedworx athletics is touted as one of the most successful sports performance programs in The United States.


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