Is Vanessa Ferlito Gay? What Are Her Measurements and How Much Is She Worth?

A lot of Eyes are drawn to most celebrated stars in the movie industry. A few of them live a publicized lifestyle while others who have tried everything within their power to live a private life one way or the other get snitched by their fans. Well, Vanessa Ferlito, the American actress who is popular for her role as Detective Aiden Burn on CSI: NY has recently topped the headlines because of her supposedly plastic surgery which was snitched out by her fans. She is a very private lady who would prefer talking about her career than anything else. Of a truth, she gained prominence from her many acting endeavors, however, her plastic surgery rumors have also pushed her more to the limelight. How true are these facts? Find out here, all the details there is to know about it.

Vanessa was born to an Italian-American family on the 28th of December 1976 in Brooklyn, New York. She lost her father when she was two as a result of a drug overdose and was thereafter raised by her mother and stepfather who owned a hair salon. Prior to her days as an actress, Vanessa worked as a Wilhelmina model, and a club kid at the New York City. Ever since she took the path of acting, Vanessa has earned a lot of credits to her name.

Net Worth

When it comes to counting the oldies’ on set, Vanessa Ferlito sure occupies a spot on the list. She has been in the acting industry for over two decades and has starred in many successful works. It is no doubt that she has made enough cash from her many acting escapades. From what we gathered, most of the blockbusters movies she starred in has added more pennies to her stipends. For example, the movie, Spider-man 2 where she starred alongside Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, Rosemary Harris, and Donna Murphy grossed over $78.3 million worldwide after the movie was premiered. Calculating her cut in that movie would certainly reveal that she earned a substantial sum from the work. In all, she is estimated to be worth $6 million.

Plastic Surgery

Most women are quite insecure with some of their body parts. A few who can afford plastic surgery has gone ahead to correct their body shame while a few others have chosen to live with the supposedly termed stigma. For Vanessa Ferlito who from all indication is a very pretty woman, she was however quite insecure about her nose and lips. Initially, when she started acting, it all looked like something she could live with until 2017 when it was rumored that she had a rhinoplasty and lip augmentation.

Oops! that was a hell of a rumor, she had her pictures collage all over the media and in fact, it was said that the rumors brought her more to fame. Ab initio, Vanessa never responded to any of those rumors but from the obvious, she sure has a thinner nose and fuller lips when compared to her old pictures. Until she responds to these claims, we wouldn’t draw conclusions on whether or not she went under the knife.

Meanwhile, a lot of her fans have given different views about her new look, some refer to her rhinoplasty procedure as one that failed because of its unnatural looks while a few others who appreciate the procedure has rained praises on her. The lip augmentation has been rated as one of the few plastic surgery procedures that came out perfect.

Is Vanessa Ferlito Gay?

After the gay ban was lifted in 2013, a lot of celebrated artists who have hidden the real status of their sexual orientation came out publicly to declare what they were in the inside. A few have often spoken on how homophobic they could be while others have claimed to be homosexuals. Well, for Vanessa Ferlito, rumors about her sexual orientation stormed the headlines after she played as a lesbian character, Tammy Gregorio in the NCIS Television series: New Orleans. That role led to many believing that she was gay in real-life but had chosen to keep it on a low key. However, she debunked the rumors and has gone ahead to publicly declared that it was just a role and nothing else.

Quentin Tarantino, Vanessa Ferlito and Vince
Quentin Tarantino, Vanessa Ferlito and Vince

On the other end, Vanessa has been in a lot of relationships in the past and all have been with men. In fact, she has a son named Vince Ferlito who was born in September 2007. Moreso, the identity of her baby-father has been kept in the dark. Apart from her relationship with Vince’s father, she was formally romantically linked to Quentin Tarantino.

Her Measurements

Vanessa Ferlito despite being a mother still has the stunning statuesque charming looks any lady would have. She is a gorgeous beautiful lady who knows how to keep her body frame in check. Possessing curly brown hairs and brown eyes, Vannessa’s charming looks would make any eligible bachelor look twice. She has a satisfying height of 5 feet 6 inches and a weight of 52 Kg. It is believed that she measures 32-24-33 inches for her bust, hips and waist respectively.

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