Vanessa Vadim Bio – 5 Facts About Jane Fonda’s Daughter

We’ve heard about children taking after their parents. We’ve seen and heard about kids growing into the family’s legacy. Well, Vanessa Vadim isn’t just muddling through the family business as it were, she’s living it. Especially when that business is in the film industry. But Vadim chose a whole different niche for herself. Instead of going for the screens like her legendary mother, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Vadim chose to remain in the back end of the business; film-making. Even at that, she’s not so different in a sense. Her father, Roger Vadim, is also a renowned French filmmaker; talk about apples not falling far from the family tree. This post is about Vanessa Vadim and 5 interesting facts you need to know about her. Read more…

Vanessa Vadim’s Bio

Vanessa Vadim was born in Paris, France, on September 28, 1968, to the movie family of Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda. Her background affords her French and American nationalities. Vanessa has quite a ‘branchy’ family tree. She’s the paternal half-sister of Nathalie Vadim, Christian Vadim, and Vania Vadim. And half-sister to Troy Garity. She’s an ex-stepdaughter of Tom Hayden, Catherine Schneider, and Ted Turner. She’s also a granddaughter to the 20th-century actor, Henry Fonda, and Cousin of Bridget and Justin Fonda. Asides these, Vadim also has a host of other relatives including ex-uncles, aunties and step-nieces.

That’s because Vanessa herself has been a stepdaughter to at least four different women. That’s easy to believe because her father, Roger Vadim had been married five times and had other partners who bore him love children. Credible records show that Vanessa happens to be Roger Vadim’s only legitimate child. Although a larger part of her childhood and early education isn’t known, we do know that she was raised almost exclusively by her father until she clocked 4. Her mother was on and off to protests on the Vietnam War and only visited for a few days each month. Vanessa Vadim studied at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Judging from her portfolio, Vanessa Vadim could pass for a jack of all trade. Writer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer and of course wife and mother. But make no mistake, she juggles all responsibilities pretty well. Although she followed in the footsteps of her father and draws much of her influence from her mother, the Oscar-winning director also has a shine of her own. Her mother’s incredible record leaves Vadim with an even bigger shoe to fit.

Vanessa Vadim’s career began with short docu-series. She also appeared in a number of documentaries. Famous among them is The Last Party, a 1993 documentary that featured the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Bill Clinton, and Ann Palmer. Alongside other crew members like James Schneider, Vadim also worked on the 1997 short documentary, Blue is Beautiful. The documentary centered upon Washington DC’s notorious gospel-punk group, The Make-Up and featured Ian Svenonius, James Canty, and Steve Gamboa. In 2002, Vanessa finally directed her first short documentary, The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. Prior to these, she has made appearances in the 1978, 1980 and 1987 Academy Awards; including the 1989 Vira Awards.

Since 2002, however, Vadim’s attention has been rather drawn to environmental issues which she voices her opinions about through her writings. An interest she most likely took from her mother who lends her voice to environmental issues as well. As an ecological activist, Vadim works as a columnist for several websites including Mother Nature Network and The Daily Beast. Until January of 1999, Vanessa resided in Washington, D.C. before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Although she now lives in Vermont. But that isn’t all. There’s more to find out about Vanessa Vadim. Let’s see.

5 Interesting Facts About Jane Fonda’s Daughter

Vanessa Vadim.
Vanessa Vadim poses for a photo at the 42nd AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring her mother, Jane Fonda.

1. Her Net worth

Vanessa Vadim’s filmmaking and writing career have offered her so much experience and exposure in the media space and some decent pay, too. At the time of writing, Vanessa Vadim’s net worth is estimated to be over $700,000.

2. Relationships

Vanessa Vadim is currently married to renown guitarist, Paul Van Waggoner. The couple has been together since June 12, 2010. Although there has been no news of any child, they had together. However, this wouldn’t be Vanessa’s first marriage, she was previously married to producer, Matt Arnett. Together they had a daughter, Viva Arnett (b. November 23, 2002). But before that, she had a son, Malcolm MacDuffy (b. May 28, 1999) from a previous relationship. The father is not known, yet.

3. Wild Youthfulness

Although Vadim may look prim and proper today, truth is she wasn’t always like this. Like the average youth, she’s had her fair brush with youthful tendencies and had even collided with the law at some point. In October of 1989, then a young twenty-something, Vanessa was arrested in New York City on grounds of disorderly conduct, obstructing government administration and wandering about purchasing illegal drugs. According to a police report, the man she was with was carrying two glassine envelopes of heroin. Today, Vanessa is an organic farmer and has a fetish for cucumbers and glass sex toys. What do we say to that?

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4. Body Measurements

Vanessa Vadim stands 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall and weighs 136 lbs (62 Kg). She wears a bra size of 32B and measures 34-29-37 inches, for her breast-waist-hips. She rocks shoe size 9 (US) and has no tattoos; sees through a pair of blue eyeballs and wears dark brown hair. She also has a bunch of favorites.

5. Favorites

Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence are her perfect pair of actors. Whenever Vanessa hears the word “vacation,” Miami comes to mind. She relishes pink, loves Italian cuisine and loves to read, travel and shop. No surprise!


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