Catholic app

There are apps for almost everything these days; from online stores where you can place orders to your hearts desire to book reading apps, to even dating apps.

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Religions also have their own share of apps mostly centering around the books or literature that are peculiar to the religion like bible apps and study outlines for Christians and Quran apps for Muslims.

The Catholic church has, however, gone a step further in the world of religion apps by debuting an app for Catholics itching to be absolved. A Scottish Archbishop on Tuesday launched a new smartphone and tablet app at the Vatican that may have just revolutionized the search for a confessional.

Catholic app

Archbishop Leo Cushley, who announced the launch told Vatican Radio, said:

“The idea was really inspired by the Holy Father himself, …He said to be imaginative about what to do for the Holy Year of Mercy.”

The Catholic app has inevitably been dubbed “Sindr” by some media and online commentators. The name is a play on the similarity in function to dating app Tinder which matches couples up for dates.

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Sindr would let users search for the nearest Holy Mass, confessional or diocesan statistics. The Catholic app is meant to go live in early 2017 and reportedly uses technology by software firm Musemantik to guide the faithful from their current location to the nearest Catholic Church.

Catholic app

Archbishop Leo Cushley said that he hopes that the app would be widely used so that the legacy of Pope Francis’ so-called Extraordinary Year of Jubilee, which just drew to a close, “won’t only be a spiritual one, it will also be a practical one.”

He went further during the app launch at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to call the catholic app a “smart bit of technology” that could impact “how the Catholic Church brings the mercy of God and the joy of the Gospel to our contemporary world.”