Venda Traditional Attire for Ladies and Gentlemen

Venda traditional attire is designed to suit different outings and occasions, including customary outings for ladies or gentlemen. Venda clothing was originally made from animal skin gotten from hunting but that has changed over time with the help of civilization and modernization.

South Africa is undoubtedly one of the countries on the continent with a rich cultural heritage; from food, to dance, cultural rites and ceremonies to clothing/dressing. From the Zulus to the Xhosas, Vendas, and the Tsongas, each cultural group have beautiful distinctive traditional attire that distinguishes them one from another.

Venda traditional attires are designed to not only suit different occasions but are also designed for different age grades. For instance, there are garments worn only by married women and ones only worn by single ladies, the same applies to the male gender as well and for the purpose of this article, we will be looking at beautiful traditional attires for ladies and gentlemen from Venda.

Venda Traditional Attires were Originally Made From Animal Skin

Traditionally, Venda married women wear an attire called the tshirivha. The attire covers only the back and front and is made from goatskin. On special occasions, the women (married) wear a ceremonial back apron called gwana, which is also made of sheepskin, but today, there is a modernized version of that attire that is now made from Wenda cloth.

Young Venda ladies are known to traditionally wear an attire known as Maredo. Maredo is designed in such a way that it has narrow strips hanging between the legs over a girdle in the front and back. Venda girls wore a design known as Nwenda when they first start to develop breasts. Nwenda is worn around the waist and across one arm. They are also known to traditionally wear an attire called the shedo or thuthu. Shedo is a long apron that covers the entire pelvis, round the ankles and wrists.

Young Venda men traditionally wore a loincloth popularly known as Tsindi. The Tsindi is triangular designed clothing made from a piece of soft skin. It covers the front and is passed between the legs and is tied at the back. Matured Venda men wore a different type of Tsindi made differently from that of the younger men. This version of Tsindi was made from either goatskin, duiker, or klipspringer and is worn around the waist with the help of a rope called ludede.

Young Venda men traditionally wore a loincloth popularly known as Tsindi (Image Source)

During the cold season, Venda men are known to wear an attire called nguvha; nguvha was made by complete goat’s skin and designed with a cloak and worn over the shoulder. Venda chiefs traditionally wore an animal skin headband, a karos or sila over their shoulders.

Western civilization and modernization notwithstanding, Venda Traditional Attire is still rooted in the tribe’s rich history and cultural heritage and retains its cultural significance. To achieve this, designers have creatively incorporated the age-old Venda traditional clothing style into the modern Venda dress designs. Today we see Venda women wear beautifully designed dresses made from any of the materials that the Venda people are known for and the men wear shirts made from the traditional striped ‘Wenda cloth or a ‘Wenda cloth simply tied across one shoulder and to say it has come out beautiful is an understatement.

Venda Traditional Attires Can Be Designed To Suit Every Occasion

One amazing thing about Venda traditional attires is not just the fact that there is something suitable for everyone (ladies, gentlemen, brides, grooms, etc) but also that the materials associated with the Vendas can be beautifully crafted and made to suit any occasion (wedding, dinner, outings, etc).

Here are some beautiful styles that can be rocked by both ladies and gentlemen to wedding ceremonies, outings, and what have you. The styles are simply breathtaking and you would love them.

Venda Traditional Attires For Ladies

1. Beautifully Crafted One-Shoulder, Mermaid Dress

This dress eludes nothing short of simplicity, elegance, and class. It is designed to fit into the body revealing all the shapes of the wearer in the process. This amazing piece can be worn for practically any occasion: a get-together, an evening dinner outing, a wedding among others.

2. Venda Print Styled Fish Tail Gown

This beautiful white fishtail gown designed with the famous Venda print can be worn by a bride for either a traditional or white wedding. It can also be worn to several other special occasions like an award ceremony, dinner date, etc

3. Red Mermaid Gown With Special Designs

Here is another Venda traditional attire that can be rocked by ladies. You can actually wear this to a traditional wedding, a church service, special ceremonies and occasions. It can be rocked with heeled shoes and sandals

4. Knee Length Gown 

This dress is suitable for virtually every body type, whether you are slim, chubby or plus-sized, you can actually rock this style of Venda print-inspired gown. All you have to do is to tailor it to suit your size.

It can be rocked to a wedding ceremony, special outings and occasions or even to the office. Heeled formal shoes or sandals will surely bring out the classiness of this style and are suitable for every occasion as well.

5. Red Off Shoulder Dressed Laced With Venda Print

An off-shoulder style is always great for those who want to show off their beautiful shoulders and arms but wouldn’t want the commitment of a strapless look and if you happen to be one of them, this taste of class and elegance is just what you need. Beautifully designed with the Venda print, giving it a touch of the Venda culture.

6. Green Beaded Mermaid Gown

This green beaded mermaid gown is perfect for just about any occasion; wedding, dinner date, an evening outing. It can even be worn to corporate occasions.

7. Short Flare Gown

This simple but classy red flare dress is something you can rock if you want to appear chicky to that occasion rocked with a heeled shoe, sandals or sneakers, you sure will be getting attention at that outing. This can also be worn by bridal ladies.

8. Strapless Long Mermaid Gown

This piece of gorgeousness is designed to sit just above the bust with some extra designs made from the Nwenda prints. It is relying on your body’s contour to keep it up and is so fitted to bring out all of your shapes. This should be perfect for a plus-size lady.

9. Beautiful White Off Shoulder Tail Gown

Off-shoulder dresses are designed to keep the shoulders exposed especially if you are part of those who love to showcase their shoulder but at the same time maintain a sleeve or ruffle bicep. This beautiful off shoulder tail dress designed with the Venda print would give you exactly what you desire. It can be worn to a wedding ceremony either as a guest or the bride as in the above case.

10. Strapless Peplum Mermaid Gown

This combo is amazing, a strapless peplum styled mermaid gown. The peplum here is perfectly designed with the Venda print with all the details below the waist. It can be rocked to a dinner date, outing in a pair of hot heels. This will add height to your figure, making your legs look super long.

11. Red Flare Dress Designed with Venda Print

Here is another style that can be rocked by plus-sized ladies and feel so very safe in their own skin. It can be rocked to the wedding as a guest, other special occasions or even for a photo shoot. Heeled sandals or conventional shoes will suit just perfectly with this outfit.

12. Strapless Mermaid Dress

This strapless mermaid gown designed with the Venda print will fit perfectly on plus-sized ladies and brides. If you aren’t wearing it on your big day, you can also rock it as a wedding guest or wear it to special occasions.

13. Tshedza Dress and A Half Coat

This maxi Tshedza dress with a matching coat is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to reveal so much, or wants something different for a change. It can be worn by ladies of different body shapes and sizes, all that is needed is to tailored to fit whoever will be wearing it. It can be worn for both casual and special outings. Wearing it for a photoshoot wouldn’t also be so off.

14. One Shoulder Bowed Dress

This one-shoulder bowed dress is more of an asymmetrical dress with a one-arm sleeve styled as a bow. It is beautifully designed to bridge the gap between the old and new school and can be worn on a variety of occasions.

15. Yellow Mermaid Dress

This dress can be rocked to weddings, photoshoots, or other classy events. It is a great style for slim curvy ladies and even chubby ones, all is required is to fit their size. It can be rocked with high-heeled sandals or formal heel shoes.

Venda Traditional Attires For Gentlemen

16. Venda Print Inspired Shirt

This outfit is so cool. It is a blend of culture and modernity. Worn over a pair of trousers as the wearer here did, this can be worn to practically any occasion; whether to a corporate or casual gathering, it is a perfect fit.

17. Blue Senator Laced with Venda Print

This is a fantastic combination for any man who loves modernity with a touch of his root.  This outfit is suitable for any occasion, including a beautiful Venda traditional wedding.

18. Venda Print Themed Kaftan Shirt

This Venda print-themed kaftan shirt worn over a pair of black trousers can suit virtually any occasion.

19. White Short Sleeve Shirt Designed with Venda Prints

For casual outings, a walk in the park, an evening hang out with the boys, or even with your bae, this beautiful white shirt designed with Venda prints wouldn’t be a bad idea. It can work over a pair of plain trousers, chinos, or ripped jeans and sneakers.

20. Venda Print Themed Suit

This blue suit beautifully laced Venda print is everything amazing. It can be worn to the office, a business meeting, a wedding either as a guest or as the groom as in this picture.

21. Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Laced with Venda Prints

The Venda prints always make a cloth design stand out and this one right here is not an exception. And like many Venda attire for men, this can be rocked over a pair of plain trousers, chinos, jeans; in fact, any desired pants of your choice would go.

22. Round Neck Venda Print Inspired Shirt

This round neck shirt designed with Venda print worn over a jean or any other pants of your choice is just perfect for a not so serious outing

23. Venda Print Themed Grand Boubou with a Matching Hat

This Venda print-inspired grand boubou with a matching hat is absolutely breathtaking; it speaks of culture and modernity and can be worn to special occasions and outings. Wearing it to a traditional wedding as either a guest or the groom wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

24. Turtled Neck Kaftan Designed with Nwenda Print

This tastefully designed turtle neck kaftan can be rocked to a wedding as a guest or to special occasions. It can also be rocked alongside a spouse or partner wearing the white ball gown designed with the same Nwenda print either for traditional weddings or for special outings and occasions.

25. Green Venda Inspired Kaftan Top Worn

This green Venda-inspired kaftan top worn over a pair of white pants is just an amazing combo that can be worn to a traditional wedding and other corporate, serious, and semi-serious occasions. Of, course, you can choose other pants of your choice to rock the kaftan; it mustn’t be white.

26. Long Sleeve Kaftan Shirt 

Looking for something classy yet simple, this long sleeve navy blue shirt designed with Nwenda print might just be what you need. Worn over a pair of trousers and sneakers or shoes, it can be rocked to just about any occasion; be it serious or not too serious.

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