Veronica Montelongo – Bio, Facts and Profile of Armando Montelongo’s Ex-wife

Veronica Montelongo is an American actress, reality television show star, real estate investor and former wife of popular reality television show host, Armando Montelongo. She is estimated to be in her mid to late forties, and possess about 20 years hands-on experience in the real estate business. She is an astute businesswoman, one who values sincerity in all her dealings and believes in being fair to all persons she comes across on the job. She takes pride in her integrity and has not been known to have ever defrauded any of her clients or engaged in any untoward activities in her business.

Veronica Montelongo Bio & Profile

Veronica has never disclosed her date or place of birth to the public via any medium; neither has she shared information about her parents, siblings, schools attended, or any other personal information with anyone. Most of what is known about her life are the facts documented after she became popular via the television reality show on A&E network called “Flip This House”.

Obviously, not much information is known or available about Veronica, not even her maiden name – though there is unconfirmed speculation that she goes by Veronica Monique; but despite her secretive nature, here are a few facts and details about her that we dug up.

Facts About Armando Montelongo’s Ex-Wife

Marriage and Family

Veronica Montelongo, was married to Armando Montelongo – the famous reality television star, real estate “flipper” and mogul, actor and television producer. The exact date of their marriage is not officially known, but there are insinuations that they were married for a long time, with some suggesting they could have been married for up to 14 years. They did not, or chose not to have any kids in their marriage at all.

Veronica Montelongo
Veronica and Armando Montelongo (image source)

Before Veronica and Armando started the reality television show “Flip This House” – which premiered on A & E television network on July 24, 2005, and ran for 5 seasons; very little was known about her, but all that changed when the television show became quite popular and she became, well, somewhat popular.

Flip This House showcased the real estate business of Veronica and Armando Montelongo with a few partners in the San Antonio area and beyond in the United States of America. They would buy old or run down houses from their owners, fix the problems with the property using building contractors, then “flip” or sell the property to new owners, and aim to make a decent profit out of the transaction. Most times their business dealings were successful, though with its own controversies and misgivings.

Divorce From Her Husband, Armando

Sometime in 2011, one of them filed for divorce, it is not clear which one but some people suggest it was Armando.

Prior to filing for divorce, and towards the end of the 4th and 5th season of their reality show, the couple, whose marriage had been loving and blissful, suddenly took a turn for the worse. Armando – who had earlier parted ways with his brother, David and his wife, Melina, both co-stars on the show over a controversial investment decision, was having issues with some of the houses he had flipped. His behavior towards Veronica Montelongo became acrimonious and his dealings with contractors became strained. The couple simply grew apart and had gaping ideological differences. Their divorce became final in 2012 as was pronounced by a court in San Antonio, the details of their separation agreement was undisclosed.

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Alimony Lawsuit

In 2017, Veronica dragged Armando to court in Bexar County District over breach of their divorce settlement agreement. This lifted the lid on their hitherto secret agreement and it became clear that Armando is meant to pay weekly alimony of $4,000 to Veronica. The agreement also included an annual $250,000 spousal maintenance payment for 5 years. She sued him for failing to pay her a balance of $147,500 out of the 2016 agreed sum. She went further to ask the court to throw her ex-husband in jail if he fails to pay up.

The matter was resolved by the court and Armando fulfilled all his obligations to Veronica.

Brief Acting Career

After the reality show had ended and her divorce from Armando came to a conclusion, Veronica Montelongo turned to the acting industry and featured in a movie released in 2013 titled “Line of Duty”. She starred as “Bobby’s mother”, one of the lead characters in the film. Her ex-husband also starred in that movie. The movie was not successful and she has never starred in any other one since then.

Net Worth and Current Career

Veronica Montelongo is reportedly worth about $1 million and she has started her own real estate company, distancing her firm from her ex-husband’s. She is diligently building some personal wealth in her name.


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