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When your beau is the youngest and arguably the most attractive coach in the NFL, then there is no escaping the spotlight. This is the world that Veronika Khomyn currently occupies. Khomyn is the long-time girlfriend of Sean McVay, the head coach of the L.A. Rams. He is one of the best coaches in the NFL and has been described as a football genius. Therefore it is not surprising that people want the scoop on the lady that has stolen his heart. Are you one of the curious cats? Then you are in the right place as we have all the details here.

Veronika Khomyn: Bio And Age

Veronica Nikolaevna Khomyn was born on the 1st of March 1990. She is of Ukrainian nationality and grew up in the Eastern European country before making the move to the United States of America.

Veronika Khomyn is a well-educated lady. She had her college education at the George Mason University located in Fairfax, Virginia. In fact, it was during her studies that she met her now-boyfriend.

When it comes to her career, Veronika Khomyn is a fast-rising model. Her occupation is a natural choice given that she has an enviable physique. Khomyn has modelled for the likes of UFC Gym and DC Clubbing. The latter is one of the largest nightlife entertainment groups in Washington D.C. They operate several enterprises including concert venues, restaurants, bars and lounges as well as nightclubs. Veronika Khomyn also aspires to be a fashion designer one day. She is definitely a prime example of beauty, brains and brawns.


With regard to her family, the gorgeous Ms Khomyn has not revealed many details about them. The most we do know is that she has a sister. Information about her early life, parents, and what her family members are up to at the moment has been kept away from curious fans and the media.

Relationship WIth Sean McVay

Veronika Khomyn
Veronika & Sean McVay: image source

Veronika Khomyn is in a relationship with Sean McVay. Before we explore their love story, it is only proper to get some background information on the man himself. McVay is a native of Dayton, Ohio and was born on the 24th of January 1986. While in high school, Sean McVay was a quarterback and a defensive back. He, however, morphed into a wide receiver during his days at Miami University Ohio. He then graduated in 2008 and has since coached with several teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and The Washington Redskins.

In 2017, Sean McVay was appointed the head coach of the L.A. Rams; he was 30 at the time and made history as the youngest coach in the modern era of the NFL. McVay has had an instant impact on the fortunes of The Rams and led them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2018.

Veronika Khomyn and Sean McVay met in Washington D.C. when McVay was an assistant coach at the Washington Redskins between 2011 to 2013, while Khomyn was a student at a university located in nearby Fairfax County. They subsequently commenced a relationship and have been together ever since then.

When McVay relocated to Los Angeles following his appointment as head coach, Khomyn moved with him. The couple now live together in a six bedroom, 4660 square foot home located in Encino, Los Angeles. The home reportedly cost $2.71 million. Khomyn often attends her boyfriend’s games in order to show her support. She also keeps busy through her Instagram account. She regularly posts beautiful pictures of her and her beau together.

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Other Facts About Veronika Khomyn

•  Khomyn helped her man to relocate to L.A. When McVay was appointed head coach of The Rams, he was immediately thrown into a lot of responsibilities and didn’t even have the time to go back to Washington to retrieve his belongings. Khomyn, however, stepped in and saved the day.

•  Her boyfriend’s mother, Cindy, is a professional interior designer. Cindy helped to turn their California house into their dream home.

•  Veronika once gave her boyfriend a custom-made diamond-encrusted jacket as a gift.

•  Her Instagram account has no less than 50,000 followers. She normally posts pictures of herself in various places such as the Caribbean, Malibu and Europe.

•  Khomyn once drew the ire of Rams’ fans by following a quarterback from a rival team on Instagram.

•  She is a well-known animal lover and has a pet dog named Kali. Kali also has her own Instagram account.

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