The Pope Speaks Up About Hunger: 15 Must Know Facts About The Versatile Pope

As the world marks World Food Day 2017, Pope Francis was to join world leaders to call on the international community to invest in food security and rural development.

The goal was to work together to change the future of migration and for this goal, Pope Francis attended the United Nations event in person for the first time.

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This year, the world has to face the fact that global hunger has risen for the first time in over a decade, affecting 815 million people or 11 percent of the global population.

Pope Francis who has proven to be willing to wade into the most uncomfortable situations is now standing up for the hungry. We have seen the Pope address issues of divorce, contraception and even genocide since he entered the Papacy.

Pope Francis

He has proven to be a very versatile leader of the Catholic church, answering hard questions no matter where they come from and truly offering guidance to millions of people around the world.

Here are 15 interesting facts about Pope Francis even as we applaud his versatility.

  • Pope Francis is the first Pope in Catholic history that has had the name Francis and is also the first Jesuit to be elected as Pope.
  • He chose the name Francis in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic friar born in 12th century Italy.
  • Pope Francis actually studied for a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and used to teach the subject in high schools.
  • Before his life as a Priest, he used to be a bouncer at a bar in Buenos Aires where he was born.
  • The Pope also, allegedly, enjoyed dancing the tango with his then-girlfriend in his pre-priest days.
  • His health had been a worry to medical professionals prior to his election. His lung had been removed when he was a teen and the missing lung was the cause of their concern. Pope Francis has, however, proven to be very healthy.
  • Pope Francis was a runner-up when Pope Benedict XVI won the election in 2005.
  • He has shown a willingness to keep up with modern platforms and tweets to millions of people who follow him, regularly.
  • Pope Francis decided to live in a small guest house in the Vatican, rather than the traditional apartments in which previous leaders resided.

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  • He speaks fluently: Spanish, Italian and Latin, and also tries with English, German, Ukrainian, French and Portuguese
  • He is currently a citizen of three different countries; Argentina, Italy and the Vatican.
  • In 2001, he visited AIDS patients, going so far as to wash and kiss their feet.
  • Pope Francis is a football fan and still supports the San Lorenzo football team from his hometown in Argentina. He has been gifted several football shirts and has a rather large collection.
  • The Pope was once given a Harley-Davidson motorcycle but he sold it off and used the money for the homeless.
  • The year he became Pope, 2013, he was named the Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ for his influence in the short time since he assumed the position.