Victor Found His Way to Acting in The 90’s – Here’s His Filmography and The People He Has Dated

A truly charming and really talented man, Victor Webster is a Canadian actor whose hard work and determination have spawned a huge success in his acting career. He has played notable roles for which he attained much popularity such as his depiction of Nicholas Alamin in the classic soap opera, Day of Our Lives. He is the second actor to depict the same character in the aforementioned series which has been running from November 1965 to date and has become the longest-running sitcom across the globe.

Webster has also been recognized for his roles as Brennan Mulwray in the superhero fiction TV series, Mutant X, Dr. Christian Mario in the American family drama series, Lincoln Heights, and Dean McGee in the action/comedy-drama series, V.I.P. Over the years, he has won the admiration of movie lovers with his versatility onscreen.

Inside Victor Webster’s Extensive Acting Credits

Born on the 7th of February 1973 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Victor Webster started pursuing a career in acting in the late 1990s and soon got his chance to showcase his acting talent.

Eventually, the famed actor kick-started his acting career in 1998 when he landed the role of Roger in Sunset Beach, an American television soap opera. The very next year, 1999, he portrayed Victor Mansfield in The Lot, an American comedy-drama series. The same year, he bagged a role in the popular soap opera, Days of Our Lives as Nicholas Alamin, the second actor to portray the character in the series created by Ted Corday and Betty Corday.

In the following year, 2000, Victor Webster was featured as Marco Carolo in The Chippendales Murder, a TV movie.

Victor Webster
Victor Webster, Matt Bomer, and Tim DeKay in White Collar (2009)

The Big Roles

Victor Webster began his acting career with incredible zeal to do great exploits and it was clear that he was going to get a big break sooner than later. That big break came in 2001 when the Canadian movie star was cast to play the lead role of Brennan Mulwray in the superhero fiction series, Mutant X which focused on a team of New Mutants with extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. The Webster played the role of Brennan Mulwray from 2001 to 2004 across 66 episodes and won the admiration of many fans.

In 2002, Webster was cast as Hunter in the 2002 Canadian horror film, Wishmaster: The Prophecy Fulfilled, directed by Chris Angel. The next year, 2003, the actor made waves with his role as Glen in Bringing Down the House, an American comedy-romance film. The same year, he appeared as Chip Kil-Kinney in Sex and the City, a romantic comedy-drama television series.

Victor Webster later played five different roles in diverse movies and TV series in 2005 which include Richard in the Golden Raspberry Award-winning movie, Dirty Love, Estefan in the NBC TV series, Las Vegas, Sam Marrack in the American romantic comedy film, Inconceivable, and Brett in the cable TV dramedy, Noah’s Arc.

After staging entertaining performances in Charmed in 2006 and Lincoln Heights in 2007, Victor Webster starred in Surrogates, a 2009 American science fiction action film in which he played the role of Lopez.

The famed actor has also put up other impressive performances which can be seen in the 2013 vampire film titled Embrace of the Vampire where he played a lead role as Professor Brendan Cole/Stefan.

Webster further portrayed the character of Marco in four episodes of the American comedy-drama series, Related, created by Liz Tuccillo. The show revolved around the lives of four close-knit sisters of Italian descent raised in Brooklyn. He also graced several Hallmark films with his unique acting talent including The Magic Stocking, Puppy Love, Summer Villa, Home for Christmas Day, Love Blossoms, Homegrown Christmas, and others.

The highlight of his other movies and series include Dead Rising: End Game, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, Christmas Icetastrophe, White Collar, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, among others.

Victor Webster and Rachel Nichols in Continuum (2012)

So far, Victor Webster has starred in more than 80 movies and TV series since his debut and he has not shown signs of slowing down just yet.

Victor Webster’s Life Before Fame Revolved Around Kickboxing And The Stock Market

Victor Webster is known for being an awesome actor today but the interesting thing about the man is that acting was not the first thing he did with his life. Growing up, Webster was quite a stubborn child and often got into trouble. Eventually, he studied martial arts and went on to become an amateur kickboxer. Interestingly, he earned an unbeaten record as a kickboxer. He later became a martial arts teacher. In fact, the actor has actually taught and competed in many forms of martial arts.

Victor Webster eventually transitioned from martial arts to stock brokerage, working as a stockbroker and went on to do so well. In fact, he even owned and operated an import/export company as he grew to become an important figure as a stockbroker. It was after this that he started to slowly transition into acting when he moved to Los Angeles in 1998.

How Much Money Has The Actor Made?

There is no denying the fact that Victor Webster is a wealthy man. As an actor, he has spent more than two decades in the film industry and made appearances in multiple movies and TV series.

He has also been a stockbroker and a martial arts teacher. Apparently, the actor has been able to rake in a considerable amount of money over the years. At the moment, Victor Webster’s net worth is pegged at about $3 million.

Intriguing Details About Victor Webster’s Love Life

Victor Webster
Victor Webster and Shantel Vansanten image source

Victor Webster is a handsome man and has many female fans drooling over him online. His love life has, thus, been a source of curiosity for his many followers.

At the moment, the actor is in a relationship with Shantel Vansanten, an American model and actress. The two have been in love for a while and it appears their romance is not taking a break just yet.

How They Met

Victor Webster and Shantel Vansanten met on the set of Love Blossoms, a drama/romance movie in 2017. They got attracted to each other and became friends before deciding to take things further.

They started dating in 2018 and were pictured several times kissing passionately in public. At the moment, the couple is yet to tie the knot but fans hope things get to this stage for the lovebirds soon.

Before falling in love with Shantel Vansanten, the handsome actor had been romantically linked to several other gorgeous ladies on different occasions. Most of his hookups are celebrities and they include Crista Allen, Katie Cleary, Katrina Darrell, and Serinda Swan.

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